When Artificial Intelligence meets Human Intelligence for smarter business decisions

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When Artificial Intelligence meets Human Intelligence for smarter business decisions


Exigent’s Contract Optimization and Data Analytics is an advisory service that combines contract management with artificial intelligence, finance, audit, data analytics and commercial acumen to help the C-suite to make smarter business decisions.

Who can benefit

We help CFOs, GCs and Chiefs of Procurement to see the value in their contract portfolio and improve performance, not just obligation and risk-management. With the use of the latest technology, including machine learning-based contract discovery, and applying a proprietary methodology, Exigent helps companies evaluate and improve the overall efficiency of their contracting process.

How Contract Optimization works

Starting off with a thorough contract audit, Exigent’s risk and opportunities methodology exposes areas of the contracting process that require attention. Exigent then provides solutions to minimize risks, and spotlights opportunities for increased revenues.

Data is collected, formatted and analyzed with smart use of the latest technology. Depending on the level of maturity of a company’s contract management, Exigent’s team can choose from AI-powered contract discovery, Exigent’s proprietary contract management solution Chameleon and other cutting edge tools.

The Exigent team then adds a layer of human intelligence: an expert team of financial and legal experts reviews your contracts, processes and data to identify how your company can achieve better asset utilization, improve supplier performance, recover costs and increase overall profitability.

Exigent’s contract optimization service utilizes internal and external data, equipping companies with both a benchmarking tool and a step-by-step process to ensure that they make the most of their contract portfolio for better business performance.

 What you can achieve with contract optimization

  • Make better procurement decisions: from choice of supplier to payment terms with existing suppliers and customers.
  • Improve contract drafting to take advantage of cost recovery opportunities.
  • Identify trends, gaps and data outliers that may point to further opportunities for performance improvement, cost recovery, savings and loss mitigation.
  • Enable your contracts to be a foundation for building stronger relationships with customers, suppliers, strategic partners and investors.
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