Get X-Ray vision into your clients' contracts

Chameleon- Contract management

Create powerful customized contract management reports

Chameleon- Contract management

Have full control of your overall contractual performance

Chameleon- Contract management
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Discover Chameleon Obligation Management Solutions

Better control and visibility of your contractual performance

Enforce 100% of your contractual obligations using legal expertise and powerful technology with 50% reduction of your contract cycle times.


Chameleon Obligation Management™ acts as the central repository for the management of all your contracts and the corresponding obligations. It’s a flexible, cloud-based (SaaS) contracts management solution that removes the inefficiencies of duplication of effort, undefined contract parameters, disorganized obligation tracking and lack of standardization. It gives you total control of your contractual performance with strong, customized and meaningful reporting functions. All aspects of your contract can be controlled by a central alert system.

Our legal experts have great sector-based and international experience in contract management, contract analytics and contract process optimization. They provide on boarding support to help you make the most of Chameleon contract management.

Business benefits

Improve revenue and reduce costs 

  • Streamline internal operations and reduce internal costs
  • Increase understanding of revenue streams and source of revenue leakage
  • Leverage full buying power with your suppliers

Increase efficiency and quality

  • Robust process for managing customer obligations
  • Improved management of commercial contracts
  • Provide better management and decision-making

Mitigate risk

  • Add triggers to contractual obligations
  • Add alerts and notifications
  • Reduce disputes and revenue leakage
  • Improve visibility of compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Convert residual risk into value


  • Secure central contract repository
  • Compliance management ensures that your obligations are managed and tracked
  • Dynamic reporting function for comparative analysis of your contractual clauses
  • Alerts and notifications customized to your needs
  • Contract lifecycle management – snapshot of the entire lifetime of each contract, highlighting important dates
  • Milestone tracking linked to key points within a specific contract to prevent revenue leakage
  • Version control and permissions-based access control

Services and Support

Exigent’s global professional services support team ensures Chameleon obligation management fits seamlessly with your contract process plan and your broader business strategy. Available 24/7, no matter your size, location or complexity, we offer support to suit you – every step of the way.

3 Steps to a guaranteed commercial gain – through contract management with Exigent Chameleon:

  1. See this video
  2. Book your Chameleon live demo
  3. Get the Chameleon free trial (15 days free access so you can try ‘hands-on’ all the features of this powerful contract management service)

We are so confident that you will be impressed with Chameleon in action that, if you sign-up for your Chameleon contract management service within 30 days from your free trial, we’ll offer you one additional month access completely free of charge.

We guarantee you that Chameleon can help you achieve additional commercial gain from your contract portfolio and reduce risk. Let us show you how.

Contact us today for your demo and your free trial.

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