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Contract management analytics to drive efficiency and commercial benefits

According to the Aberdeen Group: “…ineffective contract management costs business $100 billion per year in missed cost savings. Legacy contracts can be quite costly when left unchecked.


Chameleon Insight™ is a powerful, web-based, on-demand analytics solution that analyzes extracted contract data to create meaningful interactive reports and dynamic integrated dashboards. These reports share business intelligence and insights directly to your desktop, tablet or smartphone – anytime, anywhere, to key stakeholders in your organization.

Either as a standalone or as part of the Chameleon suite of contract lifecycle management solutions, Chameleon Insight is designed to empower decision-makers to spot trends, outliers and patterns in your data.  With Chameleon Insight, information that was previously difficult to see is easy to access and manipulate. Users can combine any data set, analyze input and make comparisons on virtually any combination of data points from contracts derived from their Purchase Ledger, HR, Sales, Financial and even externally-based sources.


Business benefits

Exigent’s suite of contract management solutions allows you to effectively and efficiently manage the entire contract lifecycle — from contract initiation to managing renewals.

Using a blend of technology and expert consultants, we help our clients reconnect with their contracts and create real time value through analytics. You can gain a competitive edge with analytics regardless of the levels of technology sophistication. Chameleon Insight shows you how to maximize the information contained in your contracts to drive commercial success.

Contracts are the undiscovered gem, hidden in the corporate information collections. Analysis allows you to unearth and polish the gem and deliver incredible value to the whole organization” – David Holme, CEO Exigent



Chameleon Insight has an easy, customizable and intuitive user interface with no specialist skills needed, allowing your teams to deliver business insights quickly. The system includes a simple-to-use Analyzer tool that lets you do calculations, filter data points based on user defined criteria, compare and display results graphically in a wide variety of ways. In addition, our dashboard designer tools enable users to choose layout templates, themes and content to recreate visually attractive dashboards. Smartphone and desktop users can personalize dynamic dashboards to reflect their preferences.

Set alerts

When coupled with Chameleon Obligation Management, Chameleon Insight can create one-time or recurring reminders by date, or associate them with milestones like contract end dates.

  • Set as many reminders as necessary for each contract
  • Contract specific alerts
  • Direct alerts via e-mail to key stakeholders
  • Confirm action taken and turn off alert

Dashboard and reports

You can analyze data to get work done.

  • Develop a dashboard to see what you need
  • Pre-built interactive reports
  • Step-by-step selection panel with drag-and-drop options
  • Share and schedule reports to run automatically
  • Fields derived from playbooks and data models
  • Configurable widgets to personalize your reports
  • Save your favorite reports and dashboard


Different roles in your organization need different types of data. Executives and other business users get customized information they need, at a glance, every time.

  • User tools and console are fully customizable
  • Build reports on the fly through customized data capturing
  • Group/filter data the way you want to see it
  • Outputs in multiple visually compelling formats
  • Pre-defined templates installed
  • Our consultants are on hand to guide you

Searchable repository

When coupled with Chameleon Obligation Management, you can put everything in one place, discover more reports faster and cross-reference with ease.

  • Use any data source — internal or external
  • Snapshot view of every record and contract
  • See any related documents (external policies, rules and regulations etc)
  • Check history of amendments over contract lifecycle
  • Integrated family views of contracts
  • Fully customizable extracted key term search

Key performance indicator

Ensure peak performance of your team and your contracts.

  • Compare performance of users by tasks
  • Spot hold-ups and bottlenecks
  • Compare and check for outliers, anomalies or non-compliant contract language
  • Reconcile contracts to reality to track contract performance

visibility and control

Put your staff in a stronger negotiating position by allowing them to see only what they need to see, when needed.

  • Easy-to-understand user interface
  • Tables with built-in sort-and-search functionality
  • Ability to add/view more information per record
  • Audit trail for compliance
  • Administrator privileges and individual user settings
  • Smartphone enabled


John Albright, Chief Legal Officer and executive management member, HUB International Insurance: “Exigent’s software and services system is something that we are delighted with. We like the repository and the legal service. Most of all, we like that this allows us to work with them to look at cost-saving opportunities and commercial analytics. In this way we can effectively contribute to the operations of the business. Exigent’s team get that and are always pushing us to try to find better ways of negotiating contracts and using data better.


Service and support

Exigent professional services and support teams ensure Chameleon Insight fits seamlessly with your contract process plan and the broader business strategy. From our three centers of excellence, legal, financial, property and procurement experts assess your whole company needs, not just the legal department.

For customers who need assistance with their contract strategy, our application management services team becomes part of your team. We use our best-practice knowledge and practices to help tailor, audit and maintain the solutions for your growing needs, so you have more time to focus on what you do best. Available 24/7, no matter your size, location or complexity, we offer support to suit you – every step of the way.


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