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Contract Management Solutions for Effective Contract Life-cycle Management

Valuable business-critical information is hidden within your contracts. It can be used to reduce revenue leakage and disputes, manage contractual obligations and increase commercial gain.


Exigent Chameleon™ is much more than a contract management solution. It’s the winning combination of a robust commercial risk management platform, a proven methodology and an in-depth advisory support service. Chameleon contract management solutions help you manage your contracts and the corresponding obligations, marrying the power of technology with highly experienced contract review lawyers. Chameleon offers multi-language support and technical skills globally 24/7.

Chameleon takes familiar contract terms and gives them commercial value so that you can collaborate with all departments to deliver business insight. It highlights where the hidden value lies, sees possible risk areas and flags unusual patterns and anomalies that might be of interest or critical importance. Chameleon has evolved to provide a full service solution through several principal modules, all offered as a stand-alone or combined solution delivered through the cloud.

Chameleon DocBuilder

Exigent’s Chameleon DocBuilder is an easy to use document generation and automation tool, ideal for simple agreements, NDAs and other legal documents. It gives you a quick and easy way to draft, sign and execute simple agreements. Know more…

Chameleon Obligation Management

This is Chameleon’s flagship platform and is your central repository with reporting function, giving you full control and access to all aspects of your contract portfolio. Your contracts can be controlled through a central alert system. Know more…

Chameleon Insight

A robust web-based, on-demand analytics solution that analyzes contract data and quickly creates meaningful interactive reports and dynamic integrated dashboards. These reports deliver critical business intelligence directly to your desktop, tablet or smartphone– anytime, anywhere, to key stakeholders in your organization. This market-leading platform allows you to manipulate and visualize all legal and commercial data at a glance. Know more…

3 Steps to guaranteed commercial gain through contract management with Exigent Chameleon:

  1. See this video https://youtu.be/NU3LJx6zfzs
  2. Book your Chameleon live demo
  3. Get the Chameleon free trial (15 days free access so you can try ‘hands-on’ all features of this powerful contract management service)

We are so confident that you will be impressed with Chameleon in action that, if you sign-up for your Chameleon contract management service within 30 days from your free trial, we’ll offer you access for one additional month completely free of charge.

We guarantee that Chameleon can help you achieve additional commercial gain from your contract portfolio and reduce risk. Let us show you how.

Contact us today for your demo and your free trial.

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