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Contract Process Lifecycle

Improve Business Efficiency With A Contract Management Lifecycle 2017-10-04T10:28:55+00:00

Improve revenue and reduce costs with Chameleon

Do you want better visibility over your contract management workflow to drive business efficiencies? Exigent bring you Chameleon, a powerful contract management service that combines great technology with experienced legal and commercial expertise.

Much more than a contract management solution, Chameleon offers you the opportunity to manage the lifecycle of your contacts. With a snapshot of the entire life of each contract, highlighting important dates, your business will be able to:

  • Provide clear outcomes and predict timings
  • Monitor end-to-end performance
  • Gain full contract transparency – affording improved planning for stakeholders
  • Make better informed decisions based on facts

Chameleon lifecycle management is a bespoke workflow tool that’s easy to adapt and shows pinch points, as well as highlighting productivity opportunities.

By automatically tracking the status of any contract and offering in-depth consultation, we can support company-wide benefits. Exigent’s legal, financial and procurement experts, as well as experienced analysts, assess all company needs – not just those of the legal department.

You can build processes to suit your needs and flag up delayed replies, spot bottlenecks or query missing information. With Chameleon, you’ll also be able to do the following:

  • Customise alerts and notifications
  • Have access to a secure central contract repository
  • Deliver compliance management, ensuring your obligations are managed and tracked
  • Track milestones linked to key points within a specific contract to prevent revenue leakage
  • Set up contract version control permissions-based access control

Chameleon is a winning combination of a robust commercial risk management platform, a proven methodology and an in-depth advisory support service.

By taking familiar contract terms and giving them commercial value, you can collaborate with all departments to deliver business insight. It highlights where the hidden value lies, sees possible risk areas and flags unusual patterns and anomalies that might be of interest or critical importance.

Chameleon has evolved to provide a full-service solution through four principal modules, all offered as a stand-alone or combined solution delivered through the cloud.

You can find out more about Chameleon here or contact us today to discuss your requirements.