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Providing document services support to our clients for over 13 years

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Bespoke Virtual Document Services From Exigent

Exigent is a leading provider of innovative business solutions for the legal sector, including virtual support for document services. We distinguish ourselves from other broader legal process outsourcing (LPO) offerings by providing entirely bespoke solutions for our clients.

We’ve been providing document services support for over 13 years and our experience has taught us that clients are satisfied by two things: receiving the finished product on deadline, and accuracy. That’s what we’ll deliver you.

We take a consultative approach to providing support to our clients, supporting your business strategy and driving value through efficiency and cost management.

If you’re looking for document services, we can help you with the following:

  • Document creation, amendments and comparisons
  • Precedent conversion
  • Document transfer into house style
  • Corruption fixes and workarounds
  • Slide presentations
  • Visio presentations

Word, Excel, PDFs, PowerPoint, Visio, Prezi, BigHand, Winscribe, MP3, Xpress Scribe

  • Process maps and diagrams
  • Template and design layout
  • Audio: single author and multi-speaker transcription
  • Proofreading for grammar, typos, etc.
  • Proofreading for fluency and content
  • Advanced document examination


Although workflow is often customised to fit client needs, a typical process for document services would be as follows:


Exigent has the infrastructure, resource and flexibility to provide 24/7 cover. We’ll give you the opportunity to rate each piece of work that is returned to you and will always ensure we are clear and transparent in our communication when discussing turnaround times.

We spend time understanding the volume and type of work to be sent to Exigent to ensure we have a correctly resourced team available at the time when lawyers and secretaries need our support. Turnaround times we agreed to be based on client needs and may include urgent 2 hour turnaround, 4 hour overnight.

Benefits of working with Exigent:

• 24/5 or 24/7 support as required
• Dedicated, fully-trained teams who become experts in your particular requirements
• Two delivery centres allowing scalability, flexibility and a ‘follow the sun’ approach
• SLAs for deadline and client satisfaction >98%
• Savings realized of c.30% against in-house costs
• Optimised internal resource to focus on higher value or chargeable work
• Six Sigma lean delivery trained manager to guarantee efficient processes and procedures to maximize your investment