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Financial due diligence and data room management

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Exigent Group Provide Commercial, Financial And M&A Due Diligence

Experienced in working with contract managers and lawyers across the globe, Exigent supports the due diligence process by setting up and administering deal rooms, reviewing and reporting on target data, and preparing the executive summary. Post-completion, we’ll assist with downstream tasks that require attention.

We treat each due diligence project (commercial due diligence, financial due diligence, M&A due diligence and legal due diligence) with the care and skill it deserves, including best-in-practice project management methodologies and a flexible working approach.


Exigent provides a wide range of due diligence services to its clients, which include:

  • Collating, structuring, indexing and management of documents
  • Managing due diligence questionnaires
  • Reviewing documents
  • Post completion actions
  • Drafting due diligence reports and executive summaries

Exigent utilise industry-recognised technology platforms to deliver due diligence services, including Virtual Data Rooms (Merrill DataSite, Intralinks, FirmEx, Infology Briefcase), Document Review Platforms (Relativity, Ringtail) and Cloud Storage Systems (Box).

In addition, our teams engage directly with client specific platforms and within data-sensitive environments. We regularly use the Citrix platform and Contract Express Dealbuilder to deliver review services from within a client’s working environment.

A well-executed due diligence strategy implemented by specialist review lawyers can lead to earlier gains in efficiency in the event of a quick divestment, since the ‘housekeeping’ will be in order. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced cost (compared to external law firms or in-house comparative resource)
  • Increased capacity to focus on core M&A activities
  • Scalability, ensuring deadline completion
  • Access to our existing due diligence reporting protocols and expertise Indirect benefits associated with downstream, post-completion opportunities

Case Studies

Project Rock

Exigent team reviewed a large volume of mortgage and security agreements in relation to the successful purchase of a large property portfolio (€7bn). The initial Exigent team of 12 was up scaled to 31 within a week. Tasks included:

  • Managing the data room and creating missing document index
  • Identifying cross jurisdictional requirements and engaging with counsel in 22 jurisdictions
  • Reviewing transfer documents
  • Drafting borrower and guarantor notices and post-transfer steps as required under UK Law

Project Nickel

Exigent team engaged by a leading Canadian law firm to review key contracts and related documents in relation to the potential investment in convertible debentures in the mining sector. The deal size was $5m and a dedicated team of three commercial lawyers reviewed more than 200 documents in six days. Tasks included:

  • Reviewing key contracts, financial statements, minutes and geological reports (in English and French)
  • Drafting key issues reports

To achieve similar success, contact Exigent today to discuss your requirements.