Cost-effective and speedy solution to all aspects of your e-Discovery needs

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Professional Litigation Services From the Exigent Group

The success of litigation support services – which includes e-Discovery – lies in a combination of tools and processes

Overview of litigation support services

Exigent provides litigation support services – whether you have a quick question or require a comprehensive plan from the first moment you thought ‘we are going to send out a legal hold’ through to production – Exigent can assist. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in litigation services enable us to facilitate a high quality, cost-effective and speedy solution to all aspects of your e-Discovery needs.


  • Litigation services that includes document review and legal discovery
  • Information management
  • Data-mapping
  • Case management which includes consultancy on steps involved in identification and collection of ESI through to production
  • Identification of the appropriate e-Discovery platform
  • Defining approach to searching (keywords/concepts), batching, categories/tagging, review, quality assurance
  • Creation of project plan
  • Software training and support


  • Up-to-date knowledge
  • Cost, quality and efficiency benefits resulting from effective planning
  • Immediate access to e-Discovery advice and assistance at minimal cost or investment
  • Document review and searching efficiency facilitates efficient delivery of post review task

Exigent differentiators:

  • Access to extensive knowledge and experience of information management, document reviewers and e-Discovery best practice to facilitate low risk, cost-effective solutions to client
  • Access to extensive knowledge and document reviewers having experience of review platform functionality to inform client’s choices in project planning stage
  • Statistically-based quality assurance methodology ensuring defensibility
  • Technical and administrative support to optimise efficiency of any aspect of your e-Discovery task
  • Onshore and offshore capabilities for flexibility with timelines and specialised expertise from e-Discovery services

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