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E-Discovery Litigation Services – Electronically Stored Information

Electronic data discovery or e-Discovery is a complex and intricate process. Exigent has the unique ability to advise and assist clients on all of their e-discovery needs in an evolving organisation.

Overview of e-Discovery services:

Exigent works alongside several law firms, corporates and document review platform vendors globally, delivering seamless litigation and e-Discovery support to in-house teams. This is supported by well-defined processes and document reviewers having broad industry knowledge in legal discovery.

e-Discovery support extends from consultation at the data collection, preservation and processing stage; first and second-level document review and analysis, through to the production phase in discovery proceedings and/or regulatory investigations.  We also support law firms’ and corporates’ internal document management projects.


  • Expert e-Discovery consultation
  • On-site and virtual data collection
  • ESI data pre-processing
  • ESI data processing
  • Hard-copy documents: scanning and objective coding
  • Early case assessment
  • Analytics and Technology Assisted Review (TAR)
  • Managed document review
  • Production


  • An end-to-end litigation support service to ensure cost control, efficiency and high quality defensible results
  • Significant cost savings
  • Access to expert consultancy and advice in legal discovery
  • A discovery management team averaging 20 years of experience, comprising lawyers, corporate legal assistants, litigation support managers, project managers and technologists
  • Defensible collections processes
  • Single point of contact for all e-Discovery needs
  • Reach and experience within all jurisdictions
  • Flexibility

Exigent differentiators:

  • Comprehensive cost estimates ensure budgets are completed timeously
  • Access to extensive knowledge and experience of information management and e-Discovery best practice to facilitate low risk, cost effective solutions to client
  • Access to high-quality document reviewers with extensive experience and expertise
  • A robust, statistics-based QA methodology
  • Project processes based on lean delivery principles
  • Multi-shore capabilities for flexibility with timelines and specialised expertise