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Mergers & Acquisitions - Due Diligence

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Cost-effective Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence Services

Exigent work alongside in-house teams and/or external counsel to deliver cost-effective M&A due diligence and data room management work. Our team has years of experience with running, maintaining and reviewing documents in electronic data rooms, meaning we can minimise the associated risks and give you increased capacity to focus on core M&A activities.

Why work with Exigent for M&A due diligence?

  • Experience in disaggregating the due diligence process and tasks
  • Detailed process mapping pre-engagement
  • Post due diligence support using contract life-cycle management software and paralegal support to ensure value is maximised from the investment

Case Studies

The project involved the corporatisation and disposal of various business units of a large metals manufacturer. The objective was to use all available information associated with the main entity, including more than 9,000 documents and two due diligence reports from the original acquisition to create separate data rooms and information packs for the bid process. The brief to the project team was to make the information accessible to the bidders and involved the following tasks:

  • Coding and indexing of documents
  • Population of business unit specific data rooms
  • Creation of a detailed document index
  • Creation of comprehensive business unit reports

The results for the bid process were as follows:

  • 9,000 coded documents
  • 2 virtual data rooms on a secure project environment
  • Detailed index of all available documents
  • Comprehensive business unit reports for the bid process

If you’re looking for M&A due diligence services, contact Exigent today.