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Using financial techniques to extract value from your contracts

Contract Strategy


In this webinar, Exigent CEO David Holme and John Albright, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at HUB International, show how companies can extract value from their contracts through a simple 5-step process that focuses on collecting, analyzing and applying financial and commercial logic to contract data.

Thanks to Exigent, the top insurance brokerage is now able to use the information contained in their global commercial leases to reduce risk, realize cost savings of up to 10% across their entire portfolio and improve their asset utilization by 20%.

What you will learn

  • Step-by-step guide on how to create value from your contracts,
  • How Hub International use their property leases strategically,
  • How you can use a statistical approach to identify outliers in your contracts and find a path towards improvement – not just in property, but also for other areas of the business,
  • A new approach to collaboration for legal, procurement and finance to make better business decisions together.

Previous Webinars

Going beyond due diligence

Contract Management System

Far from being just an expensive tick-box exercise, due diligence is the perfect opportunity to start a meaningful journey of contract discovery. Our webinar, featured Exigent CEO David Holme and Telstra’s GC Mick Sheehy as guest presenter, who shed light on the value of the due diligence process.

In this 40-minute webinar, we discussed how to:

  • Capture value from the due diligence process for profitable use post-acquisition
  • Turn due diligence into an opportunity for strategic contract management and return on investment
  • Reduce due diligence costs by over 70% and achieve up to 35% savings across all phases of an M&A deal
  • Keep deriving ongoing value from the pre-acquisition review.


Information governance: Smelling the roses

Contract Management System

As the cost of data storage drops, organizations have adopted the misguided approach of keeping everything indefinitely. Hoarding data is not a strategy. The lack of an Information Governance (IG) strategy and failure to have true ownership of the IG initiative leads to exacerbated risks, like privacy, security and discovery. This creates a lack of visibility of your information and both positive and negative knowledge held.

We believe the answer is a minimalist approach, driven by a collaboration where Legal becomes the informed risk-taker.

In our 40 min webinar we:

  • showed how to regain control of information in the maze of intertwined disciplines
  • provided a practical and economical guide to reducing risk relating to information governance including e-discovery best practices
  • shared techniques and top tips to build an information governance strategy fit for the future


Moneyball’ meets contracts

Contract Process

Don’t you wish you could get more insight into the commercial values of your contracts? Chief Legal Officer of the World’s 9th largest insurance brokers, John Albright, Hub International, is interviewed. By using basic contract analytics you will turn contracts into usable information and provide actionable insight to multiple stakeholders. Extracting, collating and analyzing data can drive clear and very tangible financial benefits.

In our 40-minute webinar we’ll:

  • guide you through a five-step process to help unlock the value in your contract portfolio and improve your contract strategy
  • bring this to life using real examples and case studies
  • provide you with the mind-set to apply analytics to your contract portfolio, so you can start delivering valuable commercial insights immediately

Exigent webinar

Managing contracts to drive profit

Contract Strategy

Greater visibility of what lies within your portfolio of contracts will enable better decision-making, potentially reduce risk and almost certainly drive profit. In this webinar we cover how to design a contract process that is effective, will support key stakeholders and also provide an introduction on how business analytics delivers commercial insights.


Your contract folder hidden value or ticking bomb?

Contract Management System

Do you have a contract system that includes a risk-based approach? This webinar takes you on a journey of best-in-class contract management practice and covers why you need a contract strategy. With real-life examples and useful insight from leading industry experts, we’ll show you the pitfalls of not having a process, and introduce the benefits of a contract strategy.