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Recent White paper

2018: The good, the bad and the possible?

2017 was an extraordinary year; a new President, a new Europe and corporate surprises the likes of which we’ve not seen before. In the legal sector, we faced our own set of challenges, with technology, skills and service delivery just the tip of the constantly changing iceberg. In our newest article– 2018: The good, the bad and the possible? we make the case for what we think will happen this year.

Top five things you’ll learn by reading our report: 

  1. What technology you need to create competitive advantage
  2. Who should be on your threat horizon and what you can do about it
  3. What areas of your business to prioritise this year and where to stop wasting your time
  4. Why your data is your company’s best asset
  5. How and why the way you work will fundamentally change

Work smarter in 2018. Get the report now to find out how

Previous white papers

Time to spring forward

A new dawn for the legal market

In this new white paper, penned by Exigent’s CEO, David Holme, we explore the trends, opportunities and threats to the legal industry posed by new entrants like the Big Four and alternative legal services providers.

Download to learn:

  • how economic and political uncertainties are squeezing budgets even more tightly
  • how technological advancements will bring unprecedented benefits to the legal market
  • why management boards are beginning to recognize the importance of legal
  • why the GC is expected to provide their CEOs with commercial insight and ROI

How GCs can thrive, not just survive

A guide for visionary companies looking to extract value from their contract portfolio

As contract management goes from a ‘luxury item’ to a ‘must have’, legal functions must embrace the digitization of contract management.

Our white paper examines the challenges and solutions organizations face when embarking on a contract management lifecycle strategy.

Contract Management: How to get to the next level

A practical toolkit to derive value from your contracts and climb the Contract Management Maturity Model


Businesses often see their contract portfolio as a risk factor, but as a company’s largest collection of unstructured data, it is a source of opportunities.

The information tied up in your contracts is rich with data that can drive commercial value and advantage. Access to this information and the ability to visualize it in real time is crucial.

We’ve created a practical guide that will help you to establish where you sit in the “contract journey” and show you how to use the Contract Management Maturity Model as a roadmap for improvement.


Integrated contract lifecycle management best practices


Designed for legal professionals, this white paper will examine the integration of contract lifecycle management and risk mitigation. It includes guidance on:

  • how to minimize your organization’s exposure to risk
  • why geopolitical risks are often hard to predict
  • the emergence of ‘compliance fatigue’ due to changes in regulation
  • the need for sophisticated methods to stay compliant


Moneyball’ meets contract management

Discover what ‘Moneyball’ has to do with Contract Management and never look at your contracts the same way again.

In this new case study-driven white paper designed for legal professionals, we cover how to apply simple everyday analytics to your contracts and outline:

  • how you are already performing simple analytics every day
  • what the two most powerful benefits of analytics are
  • who to collaborate with for success


Building your contract strategy for bottom-line benefit


This white paper covers how to apply simple risk versus opportunity-based techniques when it comes to building a contract strategy and how best to resource it. It examines:

  • how best to resource your strategy
  • why contracts are not all equal
  • getting the ‘R’ in ROI

With between 60 – 80% of all business transactions governed by commercial contracts and an average of 9.2% of value lost off the bottom-line due to poor contract management, can you afford not to understand your contracts better?

The contract folder: hidden value or ticking bomb?

This white paper outlines some of the reasons why organizations do not take advantage of their information locked in legacy contracts and introduce ‘looking at it differently’ by using a risk and compliance-based approach to ensure ‘best-in-class’ contract management.

Consider how mature your contract management processes are and decide how to improve them by following a few proven steps and best practice.