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Reduce Your External Legal Spend With Exigent

June 12, 2017

Alternative resourcing solutions are becoming increasingly popular, especially with corporates looking at ways to reduce their external legal spend without increasing headcount. Today corporates are often struggling to manage internal resources and external spend.

A typical onsite resourcing model should aim at providing clients with a flexible pool of resource talent, knowledgeable and dedicated lawyers, paralegals, project managers, consultants and other legal services professionals who can become embedded within client teams. This arrangement is designed to reduce overheads for recruiting, training and managing resources on short notice.

For example, our ExigentOnSite model gives clients access to a variety of specialist skills, as, when and where they are needed. Our Johannesburg database has a strong pool of energy and resources talent, which seems to be the leading skills requirement in 2015.

We often get asked ‘How do you manage to find and retain these great candidates?’ The answer is quite simple. They want to join us. Foreign lawyers often relocate to South Africa (no surprise there – those that have been here know why!) and find it to be a tough job market to enter, as foreign lawyers can only qualify to practice by completing a South African law degree as well as articles of clerkship. ExigentOnSite offers them a unique opportunity to utilize their legal skills in a stimulating environment and changing industry.

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