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Here’s What’s Coming in 2022 in Immigration

February 4, 2022

As the world starts to emerge from the pandemic, countries are opening borders and using immigration as a way of boosting their economic recovery. For immigration lawyers this means they’ve never been busier – families need reuniting, job roles must be filled, and corporations are looking for new workers to provide a revenue bounce to boost their growth.

But the major immigration players – the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia – have been putting multiple complex changes in place. Some to cope with the easing of COVID rules, some changes are keeping restrictions from the pandemic, and others are modifying visa applications for different workers in different countries.

In the US, Biden is seeking to restore the country’s reputation after the changes made under the previous administration. The UK is facing a major overhaul to its immigration policies following Brexit and new rules for EEA workers coming into the region. Canada is facing a historic draw as it looks to hit its immigration targets and Australia, which has been one of the last countries to open its borders, is looking to attract highly skilled workers to help accelerate its recovery.

And the challenge for immigration lawyers doesn’t end with trying to keep up with these changes – there’s also a huge backlog of visas to be processed. Knowing the most effective way of getting your client’s decision expedited will be essential over the coming year.

That’s why we’ve put everything you need to know in this article. You’ll learn:

  • All the changes coming through in 2022 in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia
  • Why these changes are happening – and when
  • Our predictions for what’s up and coming that will affect you and your clients
  • How you can best deal with these changes to help your clients

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