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Exigent’s Legal Predictions for 2019 featured in The Lawyer Magazine

February 1, 2019

Exigent’s CEO David Holme was interviewed earlier this month to take stock of what happened in 2018 and share his views on upcoming legal trends and legal predictions.  The Lawyer magazine included Exigent in a list of market experts, together with leaders from EY, HSBC and Harvard Law School, to give their opinion in an article titled: “2018 was a landmark year for tech trailblazers, so what next?”

Exigent’s CEO re-emphasized the strength signal of alternative service providers in 2018 and the power of the Big Four in shaping a completely different legal landscape in the coming years:

The Big Four will have a presence that will span multiple disciplines.  This will blur the lines of professional services delivery.   The only thing likely to stop this is government regulation.  The rather limp ostrich law firm response will continue; there will be several failures and the Big Four will feast on the carcass of one big firm.  There will be premium law firms in all geographies but if you are not top of these areas, firms will struggle.   There will be a repeat of KWM.”

Asked about the most significant development last year, Exigent’s CEO said:

The Deloitte BAL [immigration law firm Berry Appleman & Leiden] deal, which involved the latter disaggregating practice areas and selling them to Deloitte, was a larger and far more interesting deal than Riverview, which had really just about reached stall speed and kind of reached the end of the road as an independent.  EY/Riverview may end in tears, as did the Conduit Law divorce, which showed that the clash of cultures is real.  The apex predators are on the march but not all is a bed of roses.”

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