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Outsourcing Partnership Ideal For The Legal Landscape

June 13, 2017

Outsourcing has become the new gold rush, especially for the corporate legal departments that are being pressured to operate within increasingly tighter budgetary constraints while fulfilling larger and more complex mandates. In-house counsel are recognizing external service providers, predominantly Legal Process Outsourcing providers as partners and the staff as an extension of their enterprise. Also to satisfy conflicting demands, in-house counsel must have an ongoing dialogue about innovative solutions with external service providers that should revolve around a successful partnership model. With this evolving engagement model, it is imperative to create an innovative partnership model.

Choose the right partner

Today there are outsourcing service providers in dozens of countries and thousands of locations, all with their own strengths and weaknesses, and due diligence requires that the risks and rewards of all major options be considered. Choosing a company to outsource to is very different from choosing an ordinary supplier. You’re embarking on a long-term relationship, so take time to look in detail at potential service providers. In one of our publications in LegalWeekLaw (Nov 6 2014), Exigent Global Limited, for example, has pointed out top ten key outsourcing points to ensure you make the right choice!

Flexible delivery models

Exigent is a global provider of outsourced technology-enabled legal services with six offices and 450+ employees in Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, the UK and the USA. We help our clients to pursuing a global expansion strategy through our partnership framework, to deliver services in new areas directly or in conjunction with law firms. This demonstrates the unique flexibility of our teams in South Africa, India and Australia to design and deliver new services in new sectors to the highest standards.

Working with our clients we have developed our offering over time to meet the changing demands of the legal sector.  We never consider the job “done.” We continually look for opportunities to work with our clients to develop our service and change it where necessary to meet their needs.

Technology is ceasing to be a sector of its own and has seeped into the LPO industry as an enabler and driver. In 2013 Exigent acquired legal technologies company, mLegal, adding its proprietary contract automation software to our outsourcing offering and creating a complete contract lifecycle management solution.

We believe that a mutual understanding of service delivery objective and a cooperative, trust-building relationship can improve the chance of completing outsourcing initiatives successfully.

So let us gain insights into and understand how we can help overcome common outsourcing obstacles in the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association – Ontario on the 27th of November!

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