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24/7 Virtual Administrative Legal Support From Exigent

June 12, 2017


Round the clock virtual administrative support when our clients need it.


Yoemna Nelson, one of our client service managers talks about Exigent’s 7 day working weeks.

International firms working collaboratively across many time zones, require real time round the clock virtual support. When it comes to large cases, sometimes, there is often no time to wait hours for a response or action. This is when your legal service provider needs to operate and support in a real global sense.

Today your in-house client support teams are being asked to do more for less. Your outsourcing partner should be on their toes to support them by picking up the work once they have left the office for the day. This means less pressure on your in-house team to complete all tasks within their office hours, work overtime or wait for their counterpart in another time zone to be available to hand over.

At Exigent, our global delivery centers operate in three different time zones and work 24/7 to support clients throughout the year. So when your Australian team is off for Christmas, our experts in Perth and Cape Town are busy supporting business deliverables with day and night support. We have the capacity to help not only when it is needed  outside normal business hours, but also if the project is urgent.

As an efficient service provider, we help our clients to focus on their business goals and client facing roles, while our team in the background, are tasked with “clearing queues” by working through the night. They can be working on databases updates, reports generating or research. We have the right combination of people, processes and technology in place to get work done at any time of day or night. Our aim is to ensure that your goals are understood and supported  without a break, as you continue to evolve in your market.

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