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Tips For Choosing An Immigration Outsourcing Partner

June 12, 2017


Key considerations in your search for a reliable and efficient immigration outsourcing partner.


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It is essential for the immigration law firm to maintain profitable workload balance, as they gear up for the seasonal peak. Outsourcing the CAP work to experienced skilled resources through partnering with immigration support service providers, will help your law firm gain strategic and operational benefits.

Now that you’ve decided to outsource some of your CAP work, your choice of the right service provider lies in the following compelling questions. Let’s see what they are …

  1. Do you have comprehensive knowledge of immigration processes globally?
  2. How long have you been offering your services?
  3. Is your data security state-of-the-art?
  4. Are you capable of managing large and small volumes of quality work?
  5. What added value do you offer cost-efficiently?

Your immigration partner must have the answers that complies with your CAP startegies. Let’s expand each question to see how it could help you with the ideal immigration partnership model set-up.

  1. Knowledge of immigration processes

Immigration law is a maze of categories and rules, with numerous details for every migration requirement. Each visa application has prerequisites and will only be successful if those requirements are met. A first-class service provider will have a team well-versed in immigration law, which will prepare applications efficiently and cost-effectively.

  1. Years of experience

Long-term experience in global immigration processes, together with empathy towards country-specific legal requirements, contributes to the smooth handling of each type of visa application.

  1. Data security and stability

Immigration work requires the storage of considerable amounts of personal and professional data of visa applicants; data security of a service provider must therefore be of the highest possible standard. Adherence to stringent international data protection procedures is crucial to the operation, allowing secure transmission of potentially sensitive data. Your service provider needs to have the right processes, adhering to protocols and latest security measures

  1. Managing volumes

Immigration processes can be seasonal in nature, with the volume of work fluctuating throughout the year. A partner needs to have sufficient bandwidth capable of handling periodic variations in volume whilst maintaining quality and efficiency with a quick turnaround.

  1. Added value

An experienced, consistently efficient outsourcing solution enables you to make better use of your own resources, whilst improving bottom line results.

When it comes to short-listing an immigration service provider, the combination of commercial experience, expert staff and quality technology will reduce your costs and increase compliance – turning your firm from a cost center into a revenue generator.

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