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Due Diligence case study

With more than 30,000 employees working across 50 countries, Imperial Logistics provides outsourced logistics, supply chain management, warehousing and distribution to organizations across Europe and Africa. The firm has expertise across multiple verticals including Agriculture, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods and Healthcare. With such a diverse portfolio and large number of subsidiaries, the firm has a consistently high level of contracts, leases, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to manage, and limited capacity within its internal legal team. Exigent worked with Imperial Logistics to help fast-track the due diligence for a major deal, slashing the overall costs of the process by 75% and reducing the timelines by 50%.



reduced deal timeline



saved on overall cost of due diligence


As a giant in the logistics sector, Imperial Logistics is highly susceptible to market pressures such as the cost of fuel across its main hubs in Europe and Africa. With vulnerability to the global economic and socio-political environments, combined with operating in a highly competitive sector, the firm must be vigilant when managing the thousands of contracts surrounding its M&A strategy. Capacity across the business is limited and, with multiple deadlines approaching for a large deal, extra help was required. Imperial Logistics needed a partner who could accurately and efficiently conduct initial due diligence, manage the process and review in-scope target companies, all within a short timeline.


Exigent was engaged and required to accelerate the resource upscaling and onboarding process to ensure deadlines were hit. Exigent collected in-scope agreements from 60 target companies and conducted first-level reviews of the customer, lease and supplier agreements underpinning the legal vendor due diligence. Working with both the Imperial Logistics legal team and their external law provider, the Exigent team also managed the virtual data room (accessible by six different parties) and related integration across the legal, finance and tax due diligence investigations. Exigent used its existing relationship with a major data room service provider to deliver good rates and managed the process seamlessly. By conducting rigorous onsite legal project management, Exigent helped drive a more frictionless due diligence process for Imperial Logistics.


By expediting the due diligence processes, Exigent scaled quickly and grew the due diligence team nine-fold overnight. The experienced team reviewed over 100 documents per day, culminating in over 1,000 lease agreements, master services agreements and supplier agreements at holding and subsidiary level reviewed in total. This alone helped to reduce the timeline for the deal by more than 50%. By keeping the process efficient through the effective use of data, technology and scalable, fluid resources, Exigent helped save 75% on the overall cost of due diligence for Imperial Logistics. Accuracy was a key deliverable for Exigent and achieved through stringent quality control checks. This allowed the lead legal team to focus on mitigating risks by having more time to highlight any areas of material concern within the deal, or that required further attention. Beyond efficiencies, cost savings and risk mitigation, further benefits were gained through all the contracts, leases and terms being digitized, ensuring that all the data used for the due diligence process would be of value and used for many longer-term gains. Exigent turned the due diligence process from a necessary cost into a much longer-term opportunity.

Future Plans

Following on from the initial project, Exigent has been working with Imperial Logistics on its low risk, high volume commercial contracts strategy. The two companies run workshops to enable the Exigent experts to fully integrate and understand the Ts and Cs which Imperial Logistics prioritizes. This enables Exigent to quickly and efficiently review contracts and terms, especially around the insurance and risk elements in the context of Imperial Logistics’ business. The two organizations have also identified some key strategic priorities to further develop their relationship and expand on the support already provided.

We’re grateful to Exigent for not only answering our efficiency call, but also for showing us there is more to due diligence than just cost savings and speed of delivery. We’re excited to see where a smart approach with a long-term vision for how to use contract data will take us.

De Wet de Villiers

Commercial Manager, Imperial Logistics

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