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Contract Optimization Analysis for Revenue Success

We uncover business opportunities hidden inside your contract data.

Your Data is an Asset. Treat it Accordingly.

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Contract optimization is no easy feat. But with the backing of Exigent’s insightful knowledge, technology and people, you can begin to build your strategy for bottom-line benefit.

Our advisory service combines contract management with artificial intelligence, finance and audit data, and analytics to help the C-suite make smarter business decisions.

The Only Contract Management System With Smart Insights at its Core

See What Technology and Consulting Can Do

Reveal commercially beneficial ways to improve your business. Our contract analysis and optimization management system, in concert with our consulting services, is designed to help you prevent revenue leakage, mitigate risk and gain real financial benefit.

By your side, from contract location to successful outcome

Find long-forgotten contract information

Contracts can be anywhere and everywhere, from floppy disk to filing cabinet. Our contract analysis and optimization consultancy services help you find and decipher your contracts to begin developing insights.

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Make change simpler

Change management is central to optimization success. Our decades of experience mean we understand the cultural and procedural shifts required — and are ready for even the toughest objections. We stay focused to drive business outcomes.

Prioritize contracts for optimization

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Discover commercial benefit

Understanding where and how data can help your business commercially is a challenge. Our services help you unravel and decipher data to ensure it can be used to directly influence business success.

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What Else Can Exigent Do For You?

Legal department optimization

Legal evolution is happening all around you. Are you keeping stride?

Legal spend analysis

Our people are the power behind our data analytics technology.

Contract Management Software

Exigent’s technology turns data into assets and helps you manage the contract lifecycle.

Services for departmental success

Exigent's services deliver value beyond cost savings.

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