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Exigent's forensic experts are leaders in their respective fields. They are accomplished scientists with proven track records of achievement in research, teaching and industry. Time and time again, the application of their on point knowledge and expertise in litigation matters in support of clients' theories of liability or defense strategies has proven to be key in successful case resolution.

Expert Witnesses in Toxicology, Immunology and Human Factors

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Real-world credentials. Industry expertise. Courtroom experience. Exigent’s experts have what you need to secure more successful case outcomes. We help demonstrate the value and strengths of your case by backing it up with the right scientific and technical expertise.

Meet Our Forensic Experts

Michael McCabe Jr., Ph.D., DABT

Michael McCabe, Jr., Ph.D., DABT is an expert in toxicology, immunology and related disciplines.He has been admitted as an expert in toxicology or immunology in numerous state and federal courts.

He earned his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Studies from Albany Medical College (New York), and completed post-doctorate training at the prestigious Karolinska Institute (Stockholm). He has held academic appointments in the toxicology departments and environmental health science centers at Wayne State University (Detroit) and the University of Rochester (New York), and he currently is adjunct teaching faculty at Temple University (Philadelphia). He is board certified in toxicology as a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology. He is an active member of the Society of Toxicology and has served on numerous national and international advisory committees for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Academy of Sciences, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Defense and the World Health Organization. He has sat on the editorial board of 4 toxicology journals, has been widely published and has received numerous research grants from NIH.

Prior to joining Exigent in December 2019, Dr. McCabe was employed for ten years at Robson Forensic, a national expert witness firm that provides technical expertise across many fields within engineering, architecture and science. From 2014 to 2019, Dr. McCabe functioned as the Director of Practice Groups wherein he had oversight of quality assurance and expert forensic training.

Nancy Grugle, Ph.D., CHFP

Nancy Grugle, Ph.D., CHFP is an expert in human factors and ergonomics. Her area of specialization is in human performance, specifically how people interact with technology and their environment.

Dr. Grugle investigates the way in which human performance is affected by factors including fatigue, distraction, and impairment, and how performance is impacted by the design of technology and the work environment. She applies her expertise toward forensic casework involving motor vehicle crashes, workplace mishaps, and premises safety. Dr. Grugle also investigates products cases involving user interfaces, instructional materials, and warnings.

Committed to Accountability, Accessibility, and Transparency

Strong and effective expert testimony does not just happen on trial day. It takes a foundation of expert qualifications, case-specific technical objectives, sound investigations and effective communication of results. With Exigent, you get it all.

Manage Costs

Let's face it, having an expert witness work on your case can be costly. The Exigent team of experts are upfront about and mindful of costs and strive to provide you with value while assisting you to secure a successful outcome.

Leverage Dedicated Experts

Not everyone with a scientific, medical or technical background can be an effective expert witness. Exigent's forensic experts have extensive courtroom experience and track records of effective performance and skillfully delivering compelling testimony on the witness stand.

Depend on Our Responsiveness

Timing is everything in litigation cases — and our resources, experts and support are available, right when you need them most.

Apply a Custom Forensic Solution

Our forensic experts have the knowledge and resources to provide a customized approach tailored to every individual case.

This is a market-leading team and adds to our position as a leading expert provider of medical-legal services. We aim, as in all our verticals, to be the number one player in each of our chosen markets. We see real synergy with our analytics team who have been driving change in the litigation market.

David Holme

Exigent CEO

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