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Our alcohol regulation, dram shop, and licensed premises experts address alcohol beverage sales and service.

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Alcohol Regulation, Dram Shop, and Alcohol-Service Establishment Safety and Security

Our alcohol regulation, dram shop, and licensed premises experts address alcohol beverage sales and service. Exigent’s experts address the protocol of security personnel, first responders, and government regulatory officials.

Our team of experts can address standards of care, employee training, best practices, liquor law and more. Our experts work on cases involving:

Administration and Operations: staffing, training operations, standards of care
Compliance: sale or service of alcohol and its compliance with state/local laws
Over service: intoxication, visible and obvious intoxication, tolerance, and impairment
Underage: reasonable and prudent steps to detect and deter the sale of alcohol to underage persons
Security: standards of care and best practices for bar security; training and supervision of security personnel, responsibility of first responders and local/state/federal departments

Meet Our Alcohol & Dram Shop Experts

Our alcohol regulation, dram shop, and licensed premise experts are highly credentialed leaders in their respective fields. With extensive industry expertise supported by courtroom experience, our team of experts can help you achieve successful case resolution.

Jeff Jannarone
John Cocklin

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If you'd like to discuss your exact needs and learn more about how Exigent can help, reach out to our Business Development team.

Michael McCabe Jr., PH.D.

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