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Clinical Psychology Expert Witnesses

Exigent's clinical psychology expert witnesses investigate administrative protocols, operations, standards of care, mental and behavioral diagnosis and treatment, and medical service delivery.

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Exigent’s clinical psychology experts investigate and opine on administrative and clinical protocols and procedures, operations, standards of care, mental and behavioral health diagnosis and treatment, mental and behavioral health operations and service delivery, sentinel event analysis and reporting, psychological assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, malpractice, and more.

They work on cases involving:

  • Malpractice – Dual relationships, diagnostic and treatment errors, duty-to-protect
  • Administration and Operations – staffing, training operations, standards of care
  • Human actions – evaluating and rendering an opinion on clinician’s reaction(s) to a situation or situations
  • Pain and suffering – an assessment/determination of the impact a negative outcome on an individual and/or family
  • Other Diagnostic Matters – general diagnoses (e.g. dram shop case determining diagnose if an individual meets the criteria for various substance use and related disorders)

Meet Our Clinical Psychology Expert

Our clinical psychology experts are highly credentialed leaders in their respective fields. With extensive industry expertise supported by courtroom experience, our team of experts can help you achieve successful case resolution.

Robert J. Marcello, PH.D, LCP, CCHP

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If you'd like to discuss your exact needs and learn more about how Exigent can help, reach out to our Business Development team.

Larry Wolf

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