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GC Forum: Taking Your Legal Team Out of the Dark Ages – 5 Tactics to Navigate the Ever-Changing Demands of Corp Legal with Melanie Vogt, GC at CBZ Holdings

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🚀 Level up as a General Counsel with 5 practical takeaways to break free from the dark ages.
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GC Forum: Bypass Extremely Costly Mistakes when Restructuring Your Resource Model to Automation, ALSPs and Law Firms with Michael Guilday, GC at Sydney Fish Market

🔧😃 Trying to figure out how to 'make-over' your resource model scenario?  Get empowered with a few hard lessons learned by Michael Guilday as he shares how to cross the finish-line 🏁 on modernizing his corporate legal department from 1 law firm to a medley of automation, ALSPs and law firms. Register Now     […]

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