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Robert J. Marcello, Ph.D., LCP, CCHP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Correctional Health Expert

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Dr. Marcello has over thirty years of clinical, administrative, and forensic experience in a variety of healthcare and behavioral health settings.

Currently serves as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Correctional Health Expert for Exigent Forensic Consulting, and in this capacity, provides consultation and expert testimony in the areas of Clinical Psychology, Mental and Behavioral Health, Healthcare, Correctional Health and Behavioral Health, Geropsychology, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention, Sports Psychology, Health Psychology, and Behavioral Medicine.

Previous experience as a regional and corporate executive in the correctional healthcare/behavioral healthcare industry and Certified as a Correctional Healthcare Professional (CCHP) by the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC). Provided a variety of services including clinical oversight and supervision, leadership, program development, consultation, clinical evaluations and expert testimony, technical assistance and operational support to jails and statewide correctional systems throughout the country. Leader in quality improvement; assuring best practices in the correctional setting in compliance with corporate, national, and client standards.

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