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Don't Let Legal Stand in the Way of Frictionless Business.

Move Faster and Perform Better

Refocus the time, energy and effort you spend on contract review on your core strategic activities. Our alternative delivery strategy helps you produce savings and empowers your team to focus on the high-value tasks they’ve been recruited to perform. After all, contract review is far too expensive for your most experienced employees to take on. Changes in contracts during the course of business require legal to prioritize review work — on a tighter timeline, with added pressure. But the way out is simple:

You break free.

Exigent grew up in traditional LPO, and we’re hyper familiar with contract review. Our services — delivered by native English speakers — lift the pain of the slow, costly review process to keep your business moving forward operationally and strategically. When you eliminate contract review from your workload, you stop being the bottleneck, satisfying your internal teams and your bottom line. Contract management goes beyond review. This practical guide will help you understand where you are in the contract journey and keep you moving forward.

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Due diligence needs to add value, not steal it.

Transform the way you perform due diligence. Profit from your data.

Help your clients save time and money with eDiscovery

Exorbitant costs and time are out. Technological solutions and disruptive thinking are in.

Corporate compliance revamped

Reduce operational risk with a fresh approach to review and strategy.



Reduction of contract cycle times



Revenue leakage reduction



Increase in revenue

Unleash the data in your contracts and power up your bottom line.

Which contracts don't need to be reviewed by your team?

Do you really have time to fully review every NDA or T&C before signing off? Your experience level says no. Good news: you don’t have to. Exigent can do that for you.

Begin Contract Review with Exigent

How can you keep your company moving forward in the face of contract review?

Contracts are the lifeblood of a sales role, and when legal stands in the way, business can’t close. With thousands of contracts to review and no time to do it, it’s best to find a resource to manage the review for you.

Start Eliminating Bottlenecks Now

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