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Litigation Support

Whether you need document review support or a customized solution with everything from identification to production, Exigent can design an approach for you. Our qualified document review lawyers and paralegals are experienced in over 15 eDiscovery platforms so we can ramp up quickly and enable you to drive the most efficient case strategy.

Scalable, Seamless, Reliable Support

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Exigent’s litigation support team can mobilize within 24 hours to facilitate every stage of your matter. We become an extension of your team, so you gain the time to craft the optimal legal strategy, drive faster outcomes and reduce costs.

Our Services

No matter where your case stands in the litigation lifecycle, Exigent’s services will fill in the gaps. Work with our expert document reviewers, data scientists, paralegals and lawyers to secure a favorable outcome for your case.

Managed Document Review

Managed Document Review

Leveraging our technology partnerships and rigorous quality assurance process, our professional document reviewers will assess your document set for relevancy, privilege and confidentiality.

Early Data Analytics

Early Data Analytics

Through cognitive analytics and AI technology, we’ll cull your document set down to only those most likely to relate to your case, reducing hosting fees and accelerating the review process.

Class Action Settlement

Class Action Settlement

Class action suits don’t have to be any more expensive or labor-intensive after they’ve settled — we’ll verify qualifying claimants and settlement amounts so you can focus on your client’s other needs.

Legal Drafting

Legal Drafting

Rely on Exigent’s experts to support your firm in drafting standard discovery affidavits, claims, reports and more.

Legal Research

Legal Research

Craft an effective legal strategy by outsourcing legal research to Exigent’s team of lawyers and paralegals. We’ll uncover relevant cases and verdicts across jurisdictions to provide the optimal approach.

Why We’re Different

Exigent offers support at every stage of the eDiscovery process, providing strategic guidance that makes an impact on litigation outcomes.

Add Dedicated Professionals to Your Team

Each member of our document review team is a trained paralegal or attorney with a Bachelor of Laws degree at minimum. Upon request, we’ll mobilize within 24 hours to identify every relevant document in your set.

Cutting-Edge, Impactful Technology

Leveraging cognitive analytics, AI, and our in-depth knowledge of over 15 eDiscovery platforms, we’ll optimize your document review process, identify trends and patterns and ensure a speedy, cost-effective resolution to your matter.

Meticulous Quality Assurance

Your matter is too important to rely on error-filled document sets. Our QA team regularly reviews random samples of completed document sets followed by targeted reviews to catch any irrelevant data.

A Strategic Extension of Your Team

Working with Exigent isn’t a traditional vendor-client relationship; we are a strategic extension of your team. Where other litigation support providers perform the bare minimum, Exigent’s reliable team of experts works to ensure everything they do drives maximum efficiency.

Flexible, Affordable Pricing

On average, our clients see cost savings between 30 and 70 percent on any given litigation project. We adapt our pricing to meet the needs of your case, from unit pricing to fixed-fee projects.

Accelerate Your Matter

Find out how Exigent’s dedicated experts can support your litigation at a moment’s notice.

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