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Getting more out of Microsoft365 & SharePoint

Automate workflows and data management to increase quality, speed and cost savings

Automation & WorkflowsCost Benefit Analysis on Microsoft365Top GC & C-Suite PrioritiesThe Productivity Matrix

“Automating repetitive and routine work

is top of the list for improving productivity.”

Source: Breaking Free – Annual GC Survey, click here.


Microsoft365 is easily customized

to create solutions that work 

Cost-Benefit for Optimizing Microsoft365 vs. Buying New Tools


Productivity fundamental to high performance

C-Suite Expectations:

  • Business enablement
  • Digital Transformation
  • Operational Excellence

Exigent Annual GC Survey Reveals Strategic Priorities:

To read 2022 “Breaking Free” General Counsel Survey, click here

High-Performing GCs Use the Productivity Matrix

Productivity best practices

  • Automate routine, repetitive work
  • Leverage existing tech, i.e. Microsoft365
  • Find quick wins
  • Be relentless

“Waiting for a bigger budget is a fool’s game. Repetitive and routine work must be at the top of the list. If you haven’t outsourced, eliminated, or automated that work, you’re wasting precious dollars.”

Source: Breaking Free – Annual GC Survey, click here.



Results achieved using automation

Automation in Action via Microsoft365

What can Microsoft365 Automate?Legal IntakeTriagingPlaybooksData ClassificationKPIs & Reporting

Analyze and optimize each step of your workflow by using Microsoft365 & Sharepoint to create tools for:

  • Triaging
  • Legal Intake Tools
  • Self-Service Playbooks
  • Data classification
  • KPIs and Reporting

Legal Intake

Primary dashboard for matter management, file importation, initial requests…


Visibility into whom requests are assigned to, time spent, and deadlines

Playbook Creation: Self-service & document generation

Leverage playbooks with automated templates driving quality & consistency

Self-service & document generation
Leverage playbooks with automated templates driving quality & consistency

Track & Monitor Workflows with Data Extraction

Data tagging and classification throughout workflows for searchability and reporting ease

KPIs and Reporting 

Revealing business insights into legal spending and performance targets for budget management


Where's your biggest opportunity to automate?

Reach out to one of our legal design experts to better leverage Microsoft365 and Sharepoint today!


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