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Get More From Your Medical Malpractice Cases

The expert resources to initiate cost savings

Sourcing talent and expertise specific to medical and personal injury can be time consuming and cost prohibitive. Exigent has been in the medical malpractice space for more than a decade, and provides highly talented, skilled experts — both on and offshore — who can help your firm or corporation increase cost savings, which you can pass along to your clients.

The team prides itself in assisting both plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as insurance companies. Exigent sources medical experts in all roles to perform reviews for both plaintiff and defense firms across the nation.

Accuracy, speed and support

Our experts make accurate, early case assessments and can perform deposition evaluations, review documentation, conduct trial preparation and give general paralegal support. We offer medical malpractice, expert witness, mass tort and insurance defense services to help your organization serve your clients better — and to give you room to focus your resources on revenue-generating tasks.

We become an extension of your team that allows you to scale. Our professionals are specifically recruited to align with your requirements for medical expertise.

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Change the way you do medical legal with key technologies and expertise.

Medical malpractice services fueled by intelligent thinking and inventive talent

Exigent provides experts for insurance companies, defense and plaintiff attorneys. Sourcing a team of highly-regarded medical legal consultants, we offer review from nurses, clinicians, physical therapists and more.

24/7 medical malpractice support from on and offshore experts

Highly-trained and deeply dedicated, our offshore clinicians add immediate value to your team.

Strict QA and smart application of technology for total confidence

We don’t just offer the intelligent technology to perform document reviews or medical chronologies. We also offer personalized services, so the expert opinion and report you receive is the one necessary to pursuing your case.

Technology-driven mass tort services for complete accuracy and relevance

The extreme amount of data to review during mass tort suits can hold you back. We use the very latest in data extraction technology to ensure all relevant evidence is called to the surface. But our service goes well beyond data extraction: we offer expert QA to ensure every report you receive speeds your time to court.

Expert witness sourcing ensures your case has the support of the right medical specialists

We can help save you time by sourcing and locating the right expert witnesses specifically for your case, even in complex cases where multiple expertise and medical disciplines are required.

Insurance defense to help you make more accurate, informed decisions

Bringing a case to court is costly. Our experts conduct the research and evaluation process, including merit reviews, to help verify potential liability and settlement values.