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Michael J. McCabe Jr., Ph.D.

Toxicology and Immunology Expert

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Dr. McCabe is an internationally trained and nationally recognized scientist with a proven track record of accomplishment in toxicology and related disciplines. He has broad-based knowledge and possesses a depth of understanding and experience necessary to analyze exposures to a wide variety of chemicals and drugs and to assess the relevance of such exposures to human health and diseases as well as human performance.

Dr. McCabe applies his extensive scientific research and teaching experience to litigation matters involving, but not limited to, toxic torts, workers compensation claims, product liability, medical malpractice and personal injury cases. His participation on numerous government scientific review panels contributes to his ability to understand both sides of an issue, while his background as a medical and graduate school lecturer allows him to explain complex concepts in an easily understood way.

Dr. McCabe provides medico-legal support to both plaintiff and defense counsel and has testified in civil and criminal litigation in numerous state and federal courts.


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