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Artificial Intelligence: Exigent Featured In Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Artificial Intelligence is what everybody is talking about right now, so it’s no surprise that Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s latest cover story is on how AI will change the legal sector. The magazine features quotes by Exigent CEO David Holme:

“What machines give you is the option to get access to more and more data faster and cheaper — that’s the real core of it,” explains David Holme, chief executive officer and founder of Exigent Group Limited, a global provider of legal process outsourcing services that leverage machine learning technology for discovery and contract processing.

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“It’s like a searchlight that can look into the corners of the organization. Machine learning and better information will allow experts to make better judgments. And experts must be humble enough to realize that this is a tool that they can use rather than being threatened by it.”

Exigent’s expertise in combining technology with smart human resources is also highlighted in the words of Matthew Peters, National Innovation Leader at McCarthy Tétrault LLP, a client and partner of Exigent:

“The risk that some law firms may run into is that they will be seduced by the hype surrounding AI, erroneously believing that it will solve “all sorts of problems,” without examining all of their options, adds Peters. Before an AI system is considered, attention should be turned toward legal process improvements, labour arbitrage and employing more efficient work tools, he suggests. A case in point is a [DocBuilder] new document automation service, complete with e-signatures and a contract management tool, that McCarthys developed in partnership with Exigent. […] “Let’s make sure that we are addressing what the client needs and not make this more complicated than it needs to be,” says Peters.

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