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Bright Minds Capital Partners Exits Muve Investment

LONDON, May 24, 2021, Bright Minds Capital Partners is pleased to announce the successful exit of its investment in Muve. Headquartered in London, Muve is an innovative conveyancing law firm with a unique delivery model that combines technology, UK-based solicitors, and an offshore client support centre.

Muve’s approach has enabled it to outperform the market, entering the Top 100 conveyancing firms in less than three years.

David Jabbari, CEO of Muve, commented, “Bright Minds Capital Partners has been a terrific partner for us. We’ve been able to leverage their business expertise and experience in the law sector to great advantage. They’ve helped us deliver breakthrough growth and brought good chemistry to our team.”

Bright Minds Capital Partners CEO, Nicola Stott, commented, “We have really enjoyed the journey with Muve. We have the highest regard for the team and what they have achieved. The new investors are certain to help them on their next chapter of their growth journey. It’s been a successful partnership for both Bright Minds Capital Partners and Muve.”

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Rico Burnett
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