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Bright Minds Invests In Legal Collaboration Platform, NEXL

Evergreen fund helps simplify global collaboration for legal services with investment into dynamic, scalable platform

 Chicago, February 25, 2020. Bright Minds Capital Partners, an evergreen venture fund, has announced an investment in NEXL, a legal collaboration platform.

Founded by Australian entrepreneur and NEXL CEO, Philipp Thurner, the platform bridges the global disconnect in legal collaboration by helping lawyers connect, engage and assist clients with seamless global advice and services.

Thurner said: “With the best will in the world, there isn’t a law firm today that can provide true global services without a network. Every country and state has its own laws and a lawyer can only give advice in the jurisdiction they are registered in. We’ve solved this problem with a borderless platform that connects lawyers so they can deliver a seamless, cost-efficient service for their clients.”

Lawyers can use the platform to connect or form strategic partnerships to better service international or out-of-state clients. The platform facilitates collaboration, reducing the cost and admin burden of these partnerships. NEXL empowers law firms to expand their practices into new regions, provide new services and better serve existing clients.

According to Bright Minds’ Chairman, David Holme, this latest investment aligns with the company’s portfolio of firms pushing the legal sector to change. “Legal tech is creating tools and systems on an almost daily basis, but we want to solve fundamental problems with the way the legal sector operates, not just invest in tech for the sake of tech. We can see a clear runway to profitability which is key for us.”

Rico Burnett, Director of Investments at Bright Minds added that NEXL harnesses the power of Human Intelligence with technology. “By making it easier for lawyers to make meaningful interactions, NEXL will help firms (and lawyers within them) to increase revenue and build bigger client portfolios for those that choose to join the network.”

Bright Minds will assist in delivering significant added value through the close relationship with Exigent Group, a leading ALSP, which will give NEXL further opportunities to connect with a large global network of clients.

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