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Exigent CEO on e-discovery in the UK

Exigent CEO David Holme discussed the UK Government’s e-disclosure service in ALM’s Legal Tech News

In an article entitled “UK Government looks to new technology to tackle lagging e-disclosure framework” Exigent’s CEO David Holme expressed his views on the British Government’s use of e-discovery.

David Holme said the UK Government is “probably a decade or so” behind the commercial sector for e-disclosure, but recent technology adoption aims to close the gap.”

“The UK Government has started a process of delivering e-disclosure service. This is a tough ask as few Government departments work on up-to-date databases. Moreover, it isn’t really accompanied by a robust information governance strategy. It demonstrates how far the Government is behind the commercial sector, probably a decade or so.”

However, Exigent’s CEO also predicts the e-discovery initiative will “continue, but there are unlikely to be material improvements without either an IG strategy or further investment in IT infrastructure.”

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