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Exigent launches birth injury service

Alternative legal services provider strengthens its medical malpractice offering to support law firms with litigation cases related to birth trauma

Global alternative legal services provider Exigent has extended its medical malpractice services to support law firms with birth injury litigation cases in the USA. With average turnaround times of 10 days and the ability to review 1,500 cases every month, Exigent’s birth injury team offers a multidisciplinary approach and expertise to cover all stages of a birth injury lawsuit, from preparation to trial.

Unlike other providers whose birth injury teams are made up of retired practitioners, Exigent can count on the expertise of US-qualified Obstetrics and Gynecology nurses who hold active nursing licenses, current certifications in fetal monitoring and meet all continuing education requirements for clinical expertise. Exigent’s new birth injury services are unique in that they bring under one roof medical and nursing professionals, paralegals and an offshore team.

Amy Dennerlein, Exigent’s Director of Medical Legal Solutions and a registered nurse herself, comments: “Legal nurse consultants are usually independently functioning, unreliable, inconsistent. We are different and it shows: our turnaround times are much quicker and our quality is always of the highest regard, unlike many independent nurse consultants. So far, the work of our medical legal services division has yielded $100m in settlements and verdicts in 2018 and we are on track for $200m in 2019. We expect this to grow even further with the introduction of our birth injury service line, especially in states like Illinois, where the statute of limitations on such cases is exceptionally long.”

Using the latest tech tools, the team is able to always consult the most current literature regarding standard of care. They also deliver, where applicable, medical illustrations and video clips used at trial to help the jury understand injuries. Exigent’s birth injury team provides highly personalized reports that go beyond listing relevant legal provisions, helping the client to see the bigger picture faster.

To know more about Exigent’s new birth injury service, please contact Amy Dennerlein,

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