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Exigent launches contract optimization service and gain share programme for CFOs

The new service combines contract management with finance, audit, analytics and data visualization to help CFOs, GCs and Chiefs of Procurement to make smarter business decisions with a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement.

29 June 2017— Leading legal technology and services provider Exigent has strengthened its offering by launching a new contract optimization service. Led by newly recruited Head of Contract Optimisation, Elmarie Burnett, the new offering is unique in the contract management space as it combines finance, audit, commercial analytics and data visualization skills for the first time. Confident it will deliver commercial benefits, Exigent is offering qualifying organizations the possibility to engage the team on a gain share basis.

Designed to meet the growing interest among the C-suite in Exigent’s unique approach to contract management, the new service uses a proprietary optimization and audit methodology supported by ChameleonTM technology to provide actionable intelligence and help corporations to use their contract portfolio in a smarter way for greater cost efficiencies and commercial opportunities.

A broad range of Exigent’s proprietary technologies is used for data extraction and analysis to identify patterns and anomalies. The new Contract Optimization team deploys advanced analytical skills to spot patterns, outliers in contract data and opportunities for commercial gain. This removes barriers between finance, procurement and legal teams, capitalizing on the fact that they share the same information in the negotiation and enforcement of contract obligations. This approach reduces risk and cost, and ensures revenue enforcement.

David Holme, Exigent’s CEO, commented: “This is a unique service.  Contract data is extremely powerful if you extract the information and have the vision, technology and techniques to mix it with other data sources. We know with this team and technology we can make people money, so much so we are prepared to look at a gain share structure if organizations qualify.”

“With new data identification technology becoming available, data previously locked up in pdfs can be discovered accurately. It doesn’t matter which internal team owns information, it is how it is leveraged. We have seen an upsurge in demand not just from legal, but from finance and procurement too.”

“More and more we see that the advisory model works for corporates who want to use data better. This is a totally unique offering globally and growth is already assured. At the end of the day, it is the same data mostly re-keyed.  We can change that model completely.”

The new service is delivered by Exigent Contract Optimization team, led by Elmarie Burnett, a qualified Chartered Accountant, who combines a finance and audit skill set with strong audit experience. Further additions to the Exigent global team supporting the company’s growth and the new offering’s launch include three new Vice Presidents of Legal Solutions, Jessica Demuth and Brittany Larson in the USA, and Jacquie Hodgson in South Africa.

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