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Exigent Launches Forensic Consulting Division

Exigent expands its litigation offering to include expert witness services under the leadership of veteran toxicologist Dr. Michael J. McCabe, Jr., Ph.D., DABT

Chicago, January 30, 2020 – Leading global alternative legal services provider Exigent announces the launch of a new division in forensic consulting, strengthening its litigation services to include expert witness services. Led by new hire Michael J. McCabe, Jr., Ph.D., DABT, Exigent Forensic complements the company’s existing medical-legal services and provides technical investigations, analyses, research, written reports and testimony aimed at supporting the resolution of litigation or insurance matters.  Building on Dr. McCabe’s extensive expertise in toxicology and immunology, the new division will offer support in toxicology, human factors, and related disciplines, with more areas of expertise being added in 2020.

Internationally-trained and nationally-recognized as an expert in his field, Dr. McCabe helps clients in matters involving alcohol, cannabinoids, drugs of abuse or misuse, medical devices, vaccines, and environmental or occupational exposures to chemical (i.e. toxicants) or biological (i.e. pathogens) agents and their effects on human health and performance. McCabe is a board-certified toxicologist (DABT), active member of the Society of Toxicology and has been recognized as an expert outside the courtroom by serving on numerous national and international advisory committees for the National Institutes of Health, the National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Defense and the World Health Organization. In total, McCabe brings over 34 years of experience as a teacher, researcher and court expert to Exigent and the new Forensic Consulting Division.

“I’m proud to be leading a team of highly credentialled, technically sound experts providing first-rate forensic investigations and services to the legal industry,” said Dr. McCabe. He added: “It’s exciting to be joining Exigent at a time of unprecedented growth for alternative legal services providers. With its commitment to innovation, data-first approach and no-nonsense advice, Exigent gives us expert witnesses a solid platform to truly make a difference by competently assisting judges and juries in making more learned and informed decisions.”

David Holme, Exigent’s CEO, commented: “Adding expert witnesses to our offering is a natural progression for Exigent after 2019’s exponential growth of our highly expert medical-legal services division and expansion into birth injury nursing expertise, complementing our current legal nurse consulting services in nursing home litigation, medical malpractice, TBI and broad personal injury. Dr. McCabe’s track record is extremely impressive, and his team is equally outstanding in their expertise. This is a market-leading team and adds to our position as a leading expert provider of medical-legal services.  We aim, as in all our verticals, to be the number one player in each of our chosen markets.  We see real synergy with our analytics team who have been driving change in the litigation market.”

Also joining Exigent’s Forensic division is Nancy Grugle, Ph.D.  Dr. Grugle is an expert in human factors and ergonomics.  Her area of specialization is in human performance, specifically how people interact with technology and their environment.  Dr. Grugle investigates the way in which human performance is affected by factors including fatigue, distraction, and impairment, and how performance is impacted by the design of technology and the work environment.  She applies her expertise toward forensic casework involving motor vehicle crashes, workplace mishaps, and premises safety.  Dr. Grugle also investigates product cases involving user interfaces, instructional materials, and warnings.

Learn more about Exigent Forensic Consulting, here.

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