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Contracts: During & Beyond a Pandemic

Learn how to navigate the legal implications of COVID-19.

6 Ways to Change Your Mindset for a Successful Data Strategy

Learn what's going to have the biggest impact on your data strategy

Top 10 Trends for Legal in 2020

Exigent’s CEO looks ahead to 2020 at what make the legal industry such a fascinating place.

From Dream to Decision: Demystifying analytics to power the future of your business

Learn how to start viewing your internal data as an asset and apply data insights to impact business growth.

How Law Firms Can Prepare for 2020 Immigration Policy Changes

Get ahead of the rapid immigration changes–without increasing spend on paralegals or overworking in-house staff.

Due Diligence Tip Sheet: How to Assess and Mitigate Risk

Learn how to reduce risk in the areas most frequently examined

Top 10 Trends for Legal and Beyond in 2019

This year will change the industry - but not from within, and oddly not through technology alone.

Forget Compliance: GDPR Data Analytics is About Opportunity

Drive a better understanding across your organization of the relationship between data aggregation and analytics

How to multiply your worth and deliver value in the boardroom?

Increase your value to the business by using data to drive more value and real results.

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A new dawn for the legal market

Explore the trends, opportunities and threats to the legal industry posed by new entrants.

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A proven methodology to drive revenue

See how Exigent helped one company optimize contracts and improve asset utilization.

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Contract Folder: Hidden Value or Ticking Time Bomb?

Is value hiding right in front of you? Knowledge gaps might be obscuring huge financial opportunities.

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Contract Management Begins Here

Find out how you can take a stronger approach to the contract lifecycle and reap the rewards.

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Decreased workload and increased returns

See how Exigent helped take one firm's administrative services from resource-strapped to revenue-generating.

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Discover sophisticated contract management best practices

Integrating contract lifecycle management and risk mitigation presents new opportunity for value.

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Go Beyond Due Diligence

Learn how to profit from the due diligence process post-acquisition.

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How a document specialist can help you optimize your time

Document work is time-consuming and legal secretaries are always in high demand.

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Improved Immigration Services

See how an Am Law 100 firm improved turnaround times by up to 50% and decreased cost of processing >30%

Recoup value from your contracts

An average of 9.2% of value is lost off the bottom line due to poor contract management. You can stop it.

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Take Ownership of Information Governance

Learn how to reduce information governance risk and incorporate e-discovery best practices.

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True Experience

There is a human side of personal injury cases and medical review. We're here to share the story.

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Use Financial Techniques to Extract Value

Learn how a global insurance brokerage uses contract data to make smarter business decisions.

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Where does your contract opportunity live?

Discover the challenges and opportunities of embarking on a contract management lifecycle journey.

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Don't Invest in Legal Tech Until You Can Answer These 5 Questions

We've entered an unprecedented era of legal technology innovation — but if you heard "technology" and thought, "the IT

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due diligence is the process of collecting and reviewing all relevant information about a merger or acquisition

Everything You Know About Legal Digital Transformation is Wrong

Learn what myths about digital transformation you can ditch, starting now.

Telstra achieved cost + efficiency gains through Exigent partnership

Learn how our legal team helped leading telecoms provider Telstra achieve real scalability.

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