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Legal Recruitment Services to Drive Results

Add the right skills to your team

The size of your team is irrelevant if your team members aren’t skilled in the way you require. Specific legal skills are hard to come by, and recruitment agencies too often present you with ill-qualified or culturally unsound options. Exigent’s legal recruitment services are here to solve that problem.

Exigent works day in and day out with the specific roles and employee types your organization requires, so we know what indicates quality and fit. We source the best talent for your firm or corporate legal team. And because we aren’t structured like an agency, we can pass cost efficiencies on to you.

We offer multiple support options, including full-time on-site, ad-hoc, or dedicated remote support, allowing you to scale up or down as required by your business needs.

See how Exigent’s legal recruitment services options can help your firm or organization scale and take on new challenges.

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Inventive, experienced legal professionals extend your team with the right skills to propel your business.

Legal Recruitment Services

On or offsite talent placement offers flexibility and scalability

Unpredictable requirements lead to unnecessary spend. Exigent provides a diverse, qualified talent pool for onsite, offsite and hybrid resourcing opportunities, giving you pricing options from niche project to full-scale team build.

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Drive your business with Exigent’s professional HR services

HR and business growth are interlinked. Our HR services are aimed at improving productivity and helping you maintain a competitive edge. We perform a variety of tasks, from market research and job description creation to induction plans.

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