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Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence

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Better use of business intelligence starts with a shift in mindset. When you start treating the information your business owns – including the data locked inside your contracts – as an asset, you take the first step toward optimization. We combine technology and expertise to help you do the rest.

What Does It Look Like To Harness Data For Decision Making?

See Where Business Analytics Can Help You Discover Value

Enhance your commercial awareness with access to new information and insight. Leveraging technology and legal expertise, we analyze the historical data your organization owns to find missed and future opportunities and drive business planning.

Analytical thinking and smart technology unite to deliver transformative answers.

See inside the business

Business analytics software is designed to give your team the insight to make a lasting impact. Without expertise and technology to help you understand the data that hides within your business, how can you know and extract its value?

Don't make decisions in the dark

Lacking historical knowledge is a surefire way to create a business plan that repeats past mistakes. By conducting in-depth analysis, Exigent helps your team understand the past of contracts, suppliers, targets and more – so you can plan a better future.

Customize and visualize for clearer insight

Different roles in your organization need different types of data. With the customization, automation and easy-to-use interface of Exigent’s business analytics software, executives and other users get the information they need, at a glance, every time.

Manage team and contract performance

Business value so often comes in unexpected areas. Imagine the efficiencies available if you could spot common bottlenecks in contract movement or discover errors in contract creation.

Keep track of all documents in one place

Use any data source, see all related documents and search by customizable key terms to cross reference with ease and achieve deeper analysis.

What Can You Learn From Looking Inside?

Contract Management Software

Unleash the value within your contracts and optimize your contact lifecycle strategy.

Document Creation Software

Quickly and easily draft, sign and execute standardized documents and simple agreements such as MSAs and NDAs.

Legal Spend and Matter Management Software

Spend is a business lever. Exigent optimizes to create savings and lift legal of its cost burden.

Exigent Consulting

Our collaborative and personal approach to consulting was designed to help architect transformative answers.

β€œWe like the repository and the legal services of Exigent. It allows us to look at cost-saving opportunities and commercial analytics.”

John Albright

Chief Legal Officer, HUB International Insurance

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