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Document Creation Software Crafted for Simplicity and Ease

Free your team to perform high value work by automating repetitive document creation tasks.

There is Business Value In Everything Legal Touches.

Document creation doesn’t have to be an error-prone cost center. When stakeholders in procurement, sales and other departments are able to build their own standard contracts with your templates, you’ll reduce resource spend without sacrificing legal standards.

With Exigent, you can cut document drafting costs up to 70%.

Document Creation Automation Keeps You Scaling

Stop spending so much time drafting.

Automating the production of standard contracts and policies frees your trained resources for chargeable work. Our document builder is a quick, easy way to draft, sign and execute — and it’s customizable for your specifications.

Smart application of technology drives success.

Realize concrete financial benefits, fast

Contract drafting is a considerable resource drain. Firms see a 70% time and cost reduction through building contracts in Exigent’s document creation software.

The power of expertise and technology

Our software solutions are people-driven. Leveraging advanced legal logic and complementary technology, we’ve created a document builder that helps you inject value back into your business.

Key features to propel efficiency

Quick data population, compliant security standards, customized templates and DocuSign integration make our document builder an ideal way to increase speed, reduce pressure and mitigate risk in document creation.

Contribute to contract optimization

Integrate with Exigent’s Contract Management software to ensure contracts are created with standard agreement templates and automatically tagged and uploaded for later management, review and analysis.

Pair Powerful Tools With Passionate People.

Business Analytics Software

See into your extracted contract data to understand key insights and deliver them to the board.

Contract Management Software

Your contract strategy needs to be built with revenue in mind. Take the first step.

Legal Spend and Matter Management Software

Lift legal's cost burden with better spend analysis and management.

Exigent Consulting

We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach to consulting that drives results beyond legal.

We discovered that we needed to tear down the walls that exist and integrate external non-traditional providers {Exigent} into our service offerings.

Matthew Peters

National Innovation Leader, McCarthy Tétrault

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