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Effective management of your organization’s contractual obligations

Contract Management Services

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Professional Contract Management Services From Exigent

Critical business questions reside within your business contracts and can help in avoiding lost revenue opportunities, unnecessary expenses and guide your overall contract strategy and contract lifecycle management process.

Overview of contract management services

The effective management of an organisation’s contractual obligations is an important cornerstone, which determines the ability to leverage business intelligence, avoid risk or compliance events and respond to critical business needs.  Innovative techniques and systematic approaches in contract management services can ease the way when implementing new technology, streamlining contract processes and clearly defining roles across disparate functions and departments.

A complete solution for managing your contracts strategy and business performance can be achieved through a blend of technology, contract management software and human intelligence, viz. contract review attorneys with multi-lingual capabilities.



Contract drafting

  • Leverage precedent intelligence to author contracts
  • Playbooks for contract negotiation
  • Access to preferred clauses and alternate variations
  • Ability to compare clauses for text as well as context – using key metadata information
  • Automated document assembly wizard for form-based contracts

Contract workflow and contract process

  • Flexible workflow designed to match unique business processes
  • Seamless contract workflow management
  • Clear definition and transfer of activities and tasks between departments
  • Real-time visibility of pending tasks, projects and matters
  • Automated signature processes

Contract management

  • Comprehensive contract repository with global search capability
  • Automatic alerts and reminders
  • Dynamic reporting engine for customized reports
  • Manage risk obligations and streamline compliance
  • Single view of counterparty obligations


  • Reduce and mitigate risk
  • Increase revenue and profitability
  • Improve customer and vendor relationships
  • Improve processes and efficiencies
  • Increase compliance with obligations
  • Access specialist contract lifecycle management skill sets

Exigent differentiators

  • Adaptable solutions design
  • Turnkey solutions – product implementation, knowledge-building, migration and maintenance
  • Business Intelligence platform that covers the entire contract management cycle from drafting to management
  • Software as a service model for technology and service offerings
  • On-demand access to 400 lawyers and technical support team

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