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Effective management of your organization’s contractual obligations

Contract Management Services

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Contract management services

It’s more important than ever to ensure contract management is carried out as comprehensively as possible. Organisations need to ensure they’ve optimised their contractual obligations to prevent potential issues further down the line.

Some of the key benefits of perfectly orchestrated contracts include:

  • The ability to leverage business intelligence
  • Avoiding risk or compliance events
  • Quickly respond to critical business needs

With so much riding on this pivotal aspect of business management, it’s little wonder companies are turning to trained professionals to guarantee every detail of a contract has been addressed. It’s for this reason Exigent have developed technology which is able to rapidly, efficiently and professionally generate flawless contractual documentation for businesses.

This streamlined service blends together advanced technology, contract management software and human intelligence to produce legal documents which will ensure you’re loophole-free for the length of a contract. This fantastic innovation, known as Chameleon, will save both time and stress for all users.

Chameleon Contract Management

Exigent have utilised Chameleon to become a leading name in the world of contract management. This incredible service comes with a wide range of benefits. Just some of the ways your business will prosper with its use include:

  • Improved risk mitigation
  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • Improved customer and vendor relationships
  • Compliance with obligations
  • Accessing specialist contract lifecycle management skills

Making use of specialist drafting, workflow processes and management, Chameleon offers enterprises the confidence of knowing their contracts are air-tight, whilst eliminating the need to spend hours checking over every detail.

Scan over the core features below to better understand exactly what it is this incredible product will offer users:

  • Playbooks for contract negotiation
  • The ability to compare clauses for text, as well as context (using key meta data information)
  • Automated document assembly for form-based contracts
  • Seamless contract workflow management
  • Clear transfer of tasks between departments
  • Real-time visibility of pending tasks
  • Comprehensive contract repository with global search capability
  • Automatic alerts and reminders
  • Single view of counterparty obligations

But it’s not just these features of Chameleon software which companies can prosper from. Exigent have developed three separate modules which all offer their own benefits. Let’s now take a closer look at what these add-ons provide, and how they could help your business.

Chameleon DocBuilder

This particular tool allows users to quickly draft a contract, with the use of automatic generation features. You’ll be able to sign and execute simple features with ease, while the DocBuilder software is customisable to your specific needs.

Ultimately, this tool allows you to cut a lot of time out of the contract drafting process, without compromising quality. It also provides stakeholders with a template to build their own contracts on their own while still applying to legal department standards.

Some of the key features include:

  • Quick data population – Capturing all necessary data in an instant
  • Customisation – Edit what you want to include in each contract
  • DocuSign integration – Allowing someone to sign or send a fully executed contract without the need to print it off

With the addition of the DocBuilder feature, companies can save time and money, while also mitigating risk. This handy system is a lifesaver for enterprises looking to ensure cracks don’t appear in the future.


Chameleon Obligation Management

This feature serves as the central hub for the management of all contracts and corresponding obligations. Utilising a cloud-based system (SaaS), Chameleon obligation management can fine tune your contracts, as well as providing you with customisable reporting functions to monitor progress. It also offers handy alerts, letting you know if and when action needs to be taken.

This model can impact several aspects of a business:

  • Boost revenue – Streamlining all processes
  • Better efficiency – Improving control over all aspects of the contract
  • Mitigate risk – Constantly monitor what’s happening to ensure you stay on top of things

Key features of this tool include:

  • A secure system with central contract repository
  • Compliance management to ensure your obligations are managed and tracked
  • Alerts and notifications to raise awareness of issues
  • Tracking linked to milestones and key points

We’re keen to ensure contracts run smoothly, which is why Exigent will also provide customers with a friendly 24/7 support service. Get in contact with us if you have any issues you might want an answer to.

This system steps in and effectively operates as a project manager for most contracts you’ve signed. It will let you know what needs addressing, how things are progressing and the success of the partnership to that point.

Chameleon Insight

Insight is arguably the most important additional tool in the Chameleon range – providing a detailed analysis of each and every contract you sign. Data is taken from the contract and channelled back to you. The aim of this service is to make it easy to quickly respond to any problems and make authoritative decisions.

The service offers a variety of incredibly useful features:

Set AlertsDashboards and ReportsCustomize
When coupled with Chameleon Obligation
Management, Chameleon Insight can create one-time
or recurring reminders by date, or associate them
with milestones like contract end dates.

  • Set as many reminders as necessary for each contract
  • Contract specific alerts
  • Direct alerts via e-mail to key stakeholders
  • Confirm action taken and turn off alert
You can analyze data to get work done.

  • Develop a dashboard to see what you need
  • Pre-built interactive reports
  • Step-by-step selection panel with drag-and-drop options
  • Share and schedule reports to run automatically
  • Fields derived from playbooks and data models
  • Configurable widgets to personalize your reports
  • Save your favorite reports and dashboard
Different roles in your organization
need different types of data. Executives
and other business users get customized information they need, at a glance,
every time.

  • User tools and console are fully customizable
  • Build reports on the fly through customized data capturing
  • Group/filter data the way you want to see it
  • Outputs in multiple visually compelling formats
  • Pre-defined templates installed
  • Our consultants are on hand to guide you
Searchable RepositoryKey Performance IndicatorVisibility and Control
When coupled with Chameleon Obligation Management, you can put everything in one place, discover more reports faster and cross-reference with ease.

  • Use any data source — internal or external
  • Snapshot view of every record and contract
  • See any related documents (external policies, rules and regulations etc)
  • Check history of amendments over contract lifecycle
  • Integrated family views of contracts
  • Fully customizable extracted key term search
Ensure peak performance of your team and your contracts.

  • Compare performance of users by tasks
  • Spot hold-ups and bottlenecks
  • Compare and check for outliers, anomalies or non-compliant contract language
  • Reconcile contracts to reality to track contract performance
Put your staff in a stronger negotiating position by allowing them to see only what they need to see, when needed.

  • Easy-to-understand user interface
  • Tables with built-in sort-and-search functionality
  • Ability to add/view more information per record
  • Audit trail for compliance
  • Administrator privileges and individual user settings
  • Smartphone enabled

If you’d like to make the most of Chameleon Insight, or any of the handy tools which the service offers, get in contact with Exigent as soon as you can. With contract management taken care of for you, you’ll find time to focus on other core areas of your business.