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Medical Legal Solutions

Get More From Your Medical Malpractice Cases

A Better Process and Stronger Clinical Expertise

If your current process for medical reviews and analyses is sporadic, time-consuming and built on outsourced roles that don’t always deliver on direct clinical experience, then Exigent is your answer. The quality and reliability of Exigent’s medical legal solutions team is unparalleled, allowing you to fulfill necessary medical-legal tasks with a more efficient, less stressful approach.

Our specialised US legal nurse consultants, physicians, physical therapists and paralegals are readily available to attend to your review requirements. We work to the highest standards of both legal and medical professionalism.

Get More From Your Cases

Exigent supports law firms representing both plaintiffs and defendants. With extensive experience in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, we offer concise, accurate nursing reviews.

Exigent Offers the Following Medical-legal Solutions:

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Verdict for crane accident




Verdict for shelter collapse




Verdict for shoulder injury

Change the way you do medical legal with key technologies and expertise.

Medical Legal Solutions

Medical Negligence Case Analysis

When you are working a negligence case, you need fast, reliable support for key tasks. Exigent performs initial merit reviews, full case reviews, medical chronologies and deposition summaries using qualified experts. We also offer expert witness solutions as well as a team of birth injury medical reviewers.

Forensic Consulting Services

Exigent’s team of forensics experts have the real-world credentials, industry expertise, and courtroom experience to support your case with the right scientific and technical evidence for successful case outcomes. We provide technical investigations, analyses, research, written reports and testimony aimed at supporting the resolution of litigation or insurance matters.

Personal Injury Solutions

Our PI experts perform medical chronologies, offer comprehensive pre-litigation and litigation support, review discovery documents, create deposition summaries and demand letters, perform verdict searches and draft appellate briefs, adding value to your in-house team.

Mass Tort Analysis

The ever-growing amount of data to review during mass tort suits presents a key challenge (and opportunity) today. Our team of data scientists, technologists and medical experts gives our clients a clear competitive advantage. We assess claims and use analytical techniques to identify gaps in the data, and target claims accurately and fairly to give our clients a critical competitive advantage.

Defense Analysis

Bringing a case to court is costly. Our experts have decades of experience in conducting the research and evaluation process, including merit reviews, to help verify potential liability and settlement values. We perform APS summaries, deposition evaluation, discovery responses and more to help our clients make the most cost-effective decisions available. We also provide support services for Revenue Cycle Management to identify missing records and bills, perform medical billing and coding accurately, execute DRG validation and perform SOC analysis.

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