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Outsourced Legal Administration

Reimagining client delivery, operating models, and budget allocations in pursuit of growth, differentiation and profits

Are you part of the 80%?

More law firms than ever are introducing or increasing their use of outsourcing. Why? They are reimagining client delivery, operating models, and budget allocations in pursuit of growth, differentiation and profits. That’s not all. The pandemic provided proof of concept for virtual work and collaboration. Variable staffing models and the optimization of high volume, low value-add work are not only viable–they’re strategic imperatives. Ongoing cost pressures make alternatives to traditional models even more compelling.

Exigent legal administration solutions help law firms improve quality, and increase profits and flexibility

We provide a full range of outsourced legal administration services that can help you reduce costs while increasing productivity:

• Document production
• Virtual PAs
• Proofreading
• Design
• Global entity management
• Knowledge management
• Matter management
• Compliance and Governance

Our approach features

• Six sigma-driven continuous improvement
• Accredited Microsoft Word professionals
• Ability to scale
• 24/5 support
• Pricing model (use-based)
• Governance

Exigent has the experience, track record and tools needed to help you with your transformation journey. Contact us today to discuss your strategic agenda for productivity, profitability and competitive advantage.

We can quickly conduct an opportunity assessment for you to identify the potential and key success drivers for your team.

Routing more work through Exigent and the TAs ensures that the right people are doing the right level of work at the right cost to the business.

Alastair Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer, Pinsent Masons

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