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Exigent helps in-house counsels and law firms drive efficiencies up and risks down.

Analytical Thinking, Smart Technology and Inventive Talent to Get the Results You Need

Our Services

Led by a team of industry visionaries, Exigent delivers legal services with the tools, insights and vision to propel business growth.

Future Proofing Operations With AI-powered Predictive Analytics

Rico Burnett, our global director of client innovation, was featured in techgenix’s article on Predictive Analytics.

“The decision hierarchy in many businesses is often crippling, despite being a safeguard, and we need to use all available mechanisms to reduce the cycle times. If a business is able to get a picture of what Day 90 could look like based on the information we have on Day 1, and see how that picture shifts over time, decisions become more certain and are made faster.”, according to Rico Burnett, global director of client innovation, Exigent, a London-based legal technology provider and consulting organization.

Our team is here for you

We understand how challenging it can be to achieve returns when your workforce is dispersed. We can scale up at a moment’s notice to meet your changing and evolving needs, offering remote, legal outsourced services. As a leading alternative legal service provider for over 16 years, Exigent has supported hundreds of global clients.

Exigent launches AI-powered contract management software for speed to smart data

With a machine learning engine trained by lawyers, our Contract Management Software now auto-extracts contract data in milliseconds and runs contextual search with improved accuracy.

Our Technology

Our contract management, document creation, analytics, and legal spend software can help legal break down silos to achieve business impact.

Our Consulting

Our consulting services — powered by decades of experience — are built around your needs, and deliver answers to questions you might not even know you have.

We’re delighted with Exigent's software and services. Their team always pushes us to find better ways of negotiating contracts and using data better.

John Albright

Chief Legal Officer, HUB International Insurance

What I've also appreciated is the thought leadership. It hasn't just stopped at doing the work. There's always been a really healthy relationship.

Craig Emery

GC of Retail, Marketing & Media, Telstra

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