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Morae Doubles Global Capacity for Managed Legal Solutions with its Strategic Acquisition of Exigent

Combined Company Becomes One of the Legal Industry’s Largest, Most Experienced Providers of Technology and Managed Services

What are GCs doing today to move forward, faster in achieving change and delivering ROI?

Exigent Group’s Annual GC Survey explores what’s top of mind for GCs around the world as they seek alignment with their businesses.

Download our paper to learn: 

  • 3 Emerging Themes for GCs Tackling Productivity and Adding Value to the Business
  • 6 Key Traits of GCs Boosting the Productivity of their Departments
  • 4 Best Practices for Leading a High-Performing Team

Copilot: Beyond the Tipping Point for AI in Legal

You have probably heard that several times from your legal team as AI increasingly permeates all areas of the workplace. Yet, knowing there’s a tool and embracing it are two separate actions. Now, AI is coming much closer to home in CoPilot AI.

This Microsoft AI integration isn’t just another tool. It works side-by-side with the software you already know and trust. Its arrival marks a significant shift in the way you perform your daily tasks.

Learn about the latest AI player and how it is moving AI in legal past the tipping point into an AI-infused industry.

Ultimate visibility and insight into commercial contracts

One of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms was seeking to better understand its growth drivers, including sales productivity, service delivery across multiple geographies, revenue forecasting and contract anomalies.

Proprietary technology that drives bigger outcomes

Exigent Search is a powerful search tool that reduces cost and accelerates due diligence, compliance and document review. It has unlimited applications across industries, contract types and enterprise functions including employment agreements, repapering exercises and marketing collateral.


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We are now tackling more than 150 data points on a global level, which we’ve never had before. Working with Exigent has been transformational right out of the gate.

John Albright

Chief Legal Officer, Hub International

What I've also appreciated is the thought leadership. It hasn't just stopped at doing the work. There's always been a really healthy relationship.

Craig Emery

GC of Retail, Marketing & Media, Telstra

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