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Copilot: Beyond the Tipping Point for AI in Legal

November 22, 2023

“There’s an AI tool for that.”

You have probably heard that several times from your legal team as AI increasingly permeates all areas of the workplace. Yet, knowing there’s a tool and embracing it are two separate actions. Now, AI is coming much closer to home in CoPilot AI.

This Microsoft AI integration isn’t just another tool. It works side-by-side with the software you already know and trust. Its arrival marks a significant shift in the way you perform your daily tasks.

Learn about the latest AI player and how it is moving AI in legal past the tipping point into an AI-infused industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI is transforming the legal industry by increasing productivity and work quality.
  • Microsoft introduced a new player to the AI game: Copilot.
  • Copilot integrates with your favorite Microsoft tools, giving you more research, organizational, and generative power.

Moving Beyond ChatGPT

At the start of 2023, we explored the wave AI has been making worldwide, especially in the legal industry. ChaptGPT’s launch at the end of 2022 spearheaded some prominent changes in 2023.

Our January 2023 analysis revealed ChatGPT’s rapid ascent with 100 million monthly active users. Fast forward to November 2023, and that number has climbed to 180.5 million users and 1.5 billion monthly visits.

ChaptGPT’s incredible generative capabilities left multiple industries, including legal, wondering how generative AI will change their roles. Some legal professionals even questioned AI’s potential to replace them entirely.

The conclusion then, and today, is that AI won’t replace legal teams. Instead, it will boost productivity, reducing time-consuming manual tasks while supporting the growing demand for legal departments.

While ChatGPT’s capabilities shook the business world, it is no longer the only player on the field.

What Does the Future Hold for AI?

ChatGPT’s debut offered a glimpse of how generative AI transforms businesses. People used ChatGPT to generate text, code, and ideas. As 2023 progressed, AI’s capabilities also grew, generating images and even music.

Coca-Cola used AI to design a drink of the future. They used AI to analyze societal trends and patterns. This analysis birthed a flavor and design that imagines the year 3000.

The potential for AI is as limitless as people’s creativity in using AI tools. Legal teams embracing AI benefit from advanced data collection analytics and content generation.

 Coca-Cola’s AI-generated futuristic flavor

Image from Coca-Cola Company

What Is Copilot AI from Windows?

Microsoft recently announced Copilot AI, envisioned as your everyday AI companion. Like its counterparts, Copilot AI responds to prompts, generating content and ideas, while performing rule-based tasks.

In addition, Copilot is integrated with Dall-E, one of the top image generators.

Some ways Copilot supports users include:

  • Generating text and image
  • Responding to inquiries
  • Generating prompts and ideas
  • Writing code
  • Opening Microsoft apps and performing tasks in those apps
  • Troubleshooting

It also shows great promise in legal technology, given Microsoft apps’ widespread use in the industry.

What Impact Will Copilot AI Have on Legal?

Windows, used by just over 1.3 million companies in 2023, remains a staple in legal departments worldwide.

Worldwide Microsoft users

Image from Statista

Here are a few ways the combination of AI’s power with Microsoft’s software might revolutionize the legal industry.

1. eDiscovery

Legal eDiscovery can be a lengthy and complex process with the mounds of data available in today’s digital age. AI streamlines this by sifting through that data to pinpoint relevant information and performing document review and analysis. This reduces both time and costs.

Copilot’s integration with Windows can vastly improve your eDiscovery process. For example, you can seamlessly pull information from your other Windows apps and analyze data you are already storing with Microsoft software.

2. Customer Service

Copilot promises a realistic and educated chat option. This chat helps legal teams receive quick answers to questions they may have.

Your team could also use it to field client questions, saving you time and boosting your customer support.

Available 24/7, it works tirelessly, answering questions and guiding clients through basic procedures or filling out non-complex forms while you’re working on other crucial elements of the case.

3. Data Management

Data is where AI thrives. Copilot works best when it has mounds of data to work with.

You can use this strength to your advantage, especially when overwhelmed with paperwork.

Copilot works with Windows tools, allowing access to any documents and data you might have. It can use that access to monitor, research, and pull information as requested.

For example, Copilot can swiftly scan and summarize documents, extracting key points without spending hours reading the full documents.

4. Contract Creation

Generating contracts can take a significant amount of time. While several AI tools offer contract generation options, Copilot’s edge lies in its integration with other Windows tools. That way, you can use one tool to rule them all rather than a collection of several AI tools.

Copilot not only generates personalized contracts based on the data you input but also ensures compliance with legal standards and regulations, reducing potential errors and inconsistencies.

Though its contract generation capabilities are yet to be fully tested against other AI tools, Copilot’s known tools and power position it as a contender for that role in legal departments.

5. Procedure Building

AI helps build procedures, strategies, and workflows. Users input the details or upload the relevant data, and AI analyzes it to detect the best path forward while suggesting new processes.

With capabilities similar to other AI tools, Copilot should also be able to build legally compliant procedures for decision-making and strategy execution.

Harnessing AI’s Full Potential with Exigent

Exigent strongly supports Microsoft tools and software, so we are thrilled about this new update. The power of AI will improve our processes and allow us to help you even more effectively going forward.

However, we don’t want to keep the power of legal AI to ourselves.

Our goal is to equip you with the tools necessary to make the most of AI in the workplace, whether it’s Copilot or other technologies. That’s why we are bringing you an exclusive event on November 30th.

Join Nina Stamell, GC at MyHealth, for the GC forum: “Setting the Stage for AI in Your Legal Department: How to Prepare, Launch, and Integrate the Use of AI into Your Workflows.”

This event is pivotal in understanding AI’s evolving role, highlighting the launch of Copilot as a tipping point that elevates AI from a luxury to a necessity.

Let’s prepare ourselves to use it and launch your legal team into the future.

Register today to be a part of this transformative experience.

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