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Exigent is turning legal services on its head.

Legal has a new perspective. We're here to lead the shift from cost center to data- and technology-fueled results.

Who We Are

Legal evolution is inevitable. The Exigent team prides itself on ensuring our clients don’t get left behind. Today, we are a global services organization with over 500 employees in locations from Cape Town to Chicago.

We’ve been in this industry long enough to see that the time is now to radically change how legal works. It’s a business, and it’s time to get serious. In a data-obsessed world, Exigent is transforming the way legal services are offered by leveraging the power of data that’s locked in contracts and processes. But the data is the cornerstone; it is the the people of Exigent that bring this vision to life. Our board members excel in change management and investment decision making. Operating with provocative empathy, we fearlessly challenge the status quo to make good on every promise. And our key promise? We won’t deliver services just to deliver services. We’ll do what it takes — always — to get our clients to a better place.

People and Culture

We’re a diverse team of brilliant minds. One thing unites us all: We are driven by the power and possibility of data, and by the constant desire to help our clients achieve more. From our culture of innovation comes an understanding of how to communicate change, and all of our experts are prepared to help shape the future of legal with creativity and courage. With offices in London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, New York, Perth, Sydney, Toronto and Bangalore, Exigent is an inherently borderless organization that thrives on truly global — and future-minded — thought.

Executive Team

Led by a team of legal visionaries, we deliver not only the tools, but also the insight behind the answers to your business challenges. We combine the best of tech with smartest legal and financial brains to cultivate a revolution in the legal industry. Intelligent thinking underpins all of our solutions — from contract management to business analytics tools and legal services. By reducing risk, improving compliance and driving process and cost efficiencies, we empower you to focus on strategies that create business value.

What I've also appreciated is the thought leadership. It hasn't just stopped at doing the work. There's always been a really healthy relationship.

Craig Emery

GC of Retail, Marketing & Media, Telstra

Press Releases and News

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