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Corporate Compliance Services

Reduce Risk and Keep Your Business Competitive with Exigent's Corporate Compliance Services

Risk exists whether you’re compliant or not

But compliance helps you create a limit to risk. Your internal processes for establishing and following policies are critical components of your business success. When you drift toward non-compliance, you leave yourself open to reputational and operational harm, as well as the erosion of business relevance.

Where do you start?

Contract management is the cornerstone of compliance. Adopting a methodology for compliance — and a way to leverage data in contracts — keeps larger corporates agile and capable of responding to new challenges. Exigent’s legal experts take a hard look at both the management and administration of your compliance function to discover what steps should be taken right now to help you become and stay compliant.

With Exigent’s global legal and technology-enabled resources on your side, your team can easily manage and administer risk and compliance globally, and maintain compliance in the jurisdictions in which you do business in a more cost-efficient way.

For smaller organizations with no compliance function in place, our team combines inventive talent with intelligent thinking and smart use of technology to help you reach regulatory success.

Keeping every bit of data can harm compliance. You need an information governance strategy in place to assist compliance, discovery and security.

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Achieve compliance within the contract lifecycle

Smart application of technology fuels compliance success long into the future.

Inventive talent to carry compliance

Ensuring compliance with changing immigration laws means having expertise on hand.

Bold thinking that reduces risks in new ways

What if you could manage contracts with less risk and better results?

From strategic compliance initiatives to corporate and statutory compliance and filings, Exigent is your partner.

Manage general risk and compliance with less cost and greater efficiency

Reveal opportunities and manage risks with a blend of technology, talent and thinking. Exigent offers risk assessments, information governance protocols, policy review and corporate compliance services programs to help your organization advance.

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Remove cumbersome, costly statutory processes from your internal teams' workload

Exigent’s Corporate Compliance services include annual report filings, name registrations and renewal filings, transactional filings, entity management, preparation of annual consents and more.

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