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David Holme

Driven by an urge to reshape the legal industry, Exigent’s Executive Chairman & Founder David Holme has been injecting innovative thinking into the way legal services are provided for the last 15 years. Holme founded Exigent in 2003, moving the needle of alternative service providers from the low-cost camp to smart, data-enabled business partners.

With data the cornerstone of his business vision, Holme advocates for an Augmented Intelligence approach that combines the best of tech with the smartest legal and financial brains for a true revolution in the legal industry. Holme’s background as a KPMG qualified Chartered Accountant and his experience in private equity means he masters the numbers side and always looks at commercial benefit in a no-nonsense way. Even when dealing with the intricate complexity (and sometimes resistance) of the legal business. As Executive Chairman & Founder, Holme provides the strategic direction and plays a key role in developing partnerships globally for Exigent, an inherently cross-cultural, progressive and borderless business.

Nicola Stott

With ‘anything is possible’ as a mantra, Exigent’s Chief Executive Officer, co-founded a global organization that quickly grew from one to over 15 service lines. Nicola’s determination and energy are infectious, making clients excited about the possibilities of change and leaving them empowered to take the first step.

You won’t get a speech about ‘doing more with less’ from Nicola: in fact, she’ll roll her eyes at that. Her style is empathetically provocative when she helps legal departments and law firms across the globe to let go of old patterns and truly move towards a better place. Not just a place of process efficiencies, but value-driven growth. Her professional journey through blue chip corporates of the calibre of American Express and international financial services organizations, together with some incredible stamina, has made her grow to be the savvy business woman that she is now. A mentor to everyone at Exigent who wants to be their best self, Nicola leads the organization every day with enormous passion, nourished by a holistic approach to wellbeing and ever-diverse weekends filled with friends and family.

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Beth Anne Whalen
Chris Holme
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Jason van Dijk
Leigh Wallace
Leslie Gall
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Rico Burnett
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