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Due Diligence

Make Better Investments, Before, During and After Acquisition.

Due diligence doesn’t have to be a one-off cost

Due diligence is a critical component of investment success. But it so often results in additional costs — and almost never in added value — when partner and senior resources must focus on review of standard, non-complex agreements. Exigent’s model challenges the traditional approach to due diligence. With our due diligence services, we offer added value through legal project management methodologies and reporting tools that ensure even large-scale due diligence projects are delivered within scope, on deadline, and below current market budget. And then, we extract value from your contracts to help you profit in the future, too.

Opportunities in the Ts and Cs

Our due diligence services use the best technology to review any contract type. We leverage our contract management software to capture data from your contracts so you can use it for opportunity identification down the line. Learn how Exigent’s approach can help you generate value from large-scale, high-profile M&A matters post deal.

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Manage the contract lifecycle for greater returns

Our Augmented Intelligence approach revolutionizes contract management.

Get your competitive advantage, over and over again.

Exigent speeds up your process so due diligence never delays your acquisition strategy.

eDiscovery rebooted

Exorbitant discovery costs are unacceptable. Reduce them with a new approach.


Contracts reviewed in 6 days



Reduction in due diligence costs



Savings on due diligence work

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